Treasure Character Descriptions

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Dirk Pitt

This is the hero of the story, a character similar to James Bond.

Suleiman Aziz Ammar

This character is a decent assassin who brings down the flight that the Secretary General is on.

Al Giordino

This character is the main character's best friend and right hand man.

Paul Capesterre

This is the character plotting to take over Egypt.

Robert Capesterre

This is the character plotting to take over Mexico

Senator Pitt

This is the father of the main character, and a charismatic, well-respected member of government.

Dr. Lily Sharp

This is the archaeologist Dirk meets in Greenland.

Hala Kamil

This is the Secretary General whose assassination is plotted throughout the novel.

Kahled Fawzy

This is the quick-to-anger leader of Yazid's revolutionary council.

Ibn Telmuk

The assassin's close friend and second in command.

Julius Venator

This is the person that was responsible for the artifacts being in...

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