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• On July 15, 391, Junias Venator and Domitus Severus and his group of Legionaries are about to seal a vast array of treasures.

• The treasures were saved from the destructive hands of Emperor Theodosius, who wanted everything of pagan origin destroyed.
• Upon Venator's departure from the treasure trove, he notices a woman being thrown around the Legionaries, and she is dirty and young and being mistreated.

• Venator talks to Severus about this, and finds him with a similar looking younger girl, only about fourteen being thrown around his tent.

• They talk of returning to Rome, but Severus tells Venator that his wife and kid are most likely either dead or sold into slavery due to their defiance of the orders of the Emperor.

• Severus offers Venator the first rape of the girl but Venator demurs.

• They are interrupted by the earth closing over the artifacts and cheers, shortly after...

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