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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what month does Chapter II open?
(a) January
(b) May
(c) August
(d) April

2. What is hidden at the bottom of Billy’s sea chest?
(a) Gold
(b) Letters to Billy
(c) A spyglass
(d) An intricate wooden lock box

3. Who has a bad feeling about the voyage, according to Chapter IX?
(a) Jim
(b) Smollett
(c) Silver
(d) Mr. Arrow

4. What is the name of the ship obtained for the journey to Treasure Island?
(a) The Pequod
(b) The Endeavour
(c) The Galactica
(d) The Hispaniola

5. Who disappears mysteriously one night early in the voyage, according to Chapter X?
(a) Mr. Smollett
(b) Mr. Arrow
(c) Jim
(d) Silver

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jim see Silver speaking to on the island in Chapter XIV?

2. Who advises Smollett of where to anchor the ship at the island?

3. How is the old sailor recognizable, according to the tall pale man in Chapter II?

4. What role does the sailor who helped Trelawney have on the crew?

5. What will Jim’s role be on the journey to the island?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Silver feel about Black Dog and Pew?

2. Explain the difference between Smollett’s map and the map Jim took from Billy’s sea chest.

3. How does Silver refer to pirates in Chapter XI?

4. How does Jim find out a ship and crew has been obtained at the beginning of Chapter VII?

5. What does Dr. Livesey think might happen if the men go ashore in Chapter XIII?

6. What happens when Jim sneaks aboard a boat going ashore in Chapter XIII?

7. What do Livesey and Trelawney reveal about the oilskin-wrapped papers from the sea chest?

8. What does Jim learn about the crew in Chapter XI?

9. How did Ben come to be on the island, according to Chapter XV?

10. According to Chapter I, how does the story of Treasure Island come to be written?

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