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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who goes walking in the trees in Chapter XXII?
(a) Ben
(b) Smollett
(c) Livesey
(d) Jim

2. Why does Jim have trouble sailing at the beginning of Chapter XXIII?
(a) It steers unreliably
(b) He has never sailed alone
(c) The sail is tattered
(d) There is no wind

3. What does Jim decide to search for in Chapter XXII?
(a) Ben's boat
(b) The treasure
(c) Silver
(d) An escape route

4. What does Jim dream about at the end of Chapter XXIII?
(a) Home
(b) Gold
(c) Girls
(d) Pirates

5. Who has a meeting in Chapter XXVIII about a second mutiny?
(a) Livesey
(b) The mutineers
(c) Silver
(d) The honest sailors

6. Who claims he does not fear Jim, according to Chapter XVIII?
(a) Cap'n Flint
(b) Smollett
(c) Israel
(d) Silver

7. Who initiates the battle in Chapter XXI?
(a) Silver
(b) Smollett
(c) Trelawney
(d) Jim

8. Where are the honest sailors trapped in Chapter XVIII?
(a) The stockade
(b) On the boat
(c) In the trees
(d) On the shore

9. What does a pirate hand to Silver at the beginning of Chapter XXIX?
(a) The treasure map
(b) A black spot
(c) A pistol
(d) A captain's hat

10. What type of boat does Jim find in Chapter XXII?
(a) A clipper
(b) A coracle
(c) A dinghy
(d) A pontoon

11. Who asks to speak to Jim alone in Chapter XXX?
(a) Livesey
(b) Trelawney
(c) Smollett
(d) Silver

12. Where does Jim want to take the boat he finds in Chapter XXII?
(a) To the stockade
(b) Back to London
(c) To the other side of the ship
(d) To this Hispaniola

13. What does Silver want from Smollett in Chapter XX?
(a) The map
(b) The Hispaniola
(c) Jim
(d) A pardon for mutiny

14. What book of the Bible does Jim read from at the end of Chapter XXIX?
(a) Job
(b) Revelation
(c) Exodus
(d) Proverbs

15. Whose scream does Jim hear in Chapter XXII?
(a) Silver's
(b) Tom's
(c) Ben's
(d) Cap'n Flint's

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jim find himself at the beginning of Chapter XXIV?

2. What risk is associated with Jim’s plan in Chapter XXIV?

3. Who is angry with Jim, according to Silver in Chapter XVIII?

4. Where did the item handed to Silver at the beginning of Chapter XXIX come from?

5. Who does Jim watch sink into the water in Chapter XXVII?

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