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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters XXVIII-XXX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who asks to speak to Jim alone in Chapter XXX?
(a) Livesey
(b) Silver
(c) Trelawney
(d) Smollett

2. What does Jim want Israel Hands to consider him, according to Chapter XXV?
(a) A friend
(b) A brother
(c) An enemy
(d) Captain

3. Who claims he does not fear Jim, according to Chapter XVIII?
(a) Silver
(b) Smollett
(c) Israel
(d) Cap'n Flint

4. What does Jim realize about the sound he hears at the end of Chapter XXIV?
(a) The honest sailors and pirates are fighting again
(b) It means he has no escape from the Hispaniola
(c) He is in danger
(d) He can remove the pirates from the ship

5. Who accompanies Jim from his hometown to where Trelawney and Livesey are in Chapter VII?
(a) His mother
(b) No one, as he goes alone
(c) Cookie
(d) Tom

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is angry with Jim, according to Silver in Chapter XVIII?

2. How many men helped Flint bury his treasure on the island, according to Chapter XV?

3. What will Jim’s role be on the journey to the island?

4. Who does Jim listen to as he waits for the wind to change in Chapter XXIII?

5. What shows Jim where the stockade is in Chapter XXVII?

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