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Chapters I-III

1. Who is the author of Treasure Island?
(a) Oscar Wilde
(b) Robert Louis Stevenson
(c) Jules Verne
(d) Walt Whitman

2. Who is the narrator of Treasure Island?
(a) Jim
(b) The narrator is not named
(c) Squire Trelawney
(d) Dr. Livesey

3. What does the narrator omit about the island as he begins his story?
(a) Its true name
(b) The exact amount of the treasure buried there
(c) How he found out about the treasure
(d) Its exact location

4. Who or what is Admiral Benbow?
(a) The captain of the ship that takes the narrator to the island
(b) The pirate who gives Jim the treasure map
(c) A restaurant owned by Squire Trelawney
(d) An inn owned by Jim’s father

5. What is Jim hired to do for the old sailor in Chapter I?
(a) Keep him company as he takes his walks
(b) Serve as a bodyguard
(c) Act as a lookout
(d) Carry his bags

6. Who cautions the old sailor in Chapter I?
(a) Jim
(b) Livesey
(c) Trelawney
(d) Jim's mother

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