Treasure Island Fun Activities

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Map to Treasure Island

Create a map of Treasure Island based on the information from the story.

Letter Home

Imagine you are Jim voyaging to the island. Write a letter home.

Sailor Ad

Create an ad for a crew to man the Hispaniola for the treasure hunt.

Treasure Budget

Create a “budget” for how you would spend your share of the treasure.


Create a visual representation of the Hispaniola.

Battle Plan

Choose a side in the conflict in the crew of the Hispaniola. Create a battle plan to defeat the other side, using what you know of the sailors and the island as a basis for the plan.

The Diary of Ben Gunn

Create some diary entries for Ben Gunn after being marooned on Treasure Island.


Write a newspaper story telling of the discovery of the treasure on the island.

Treasure Island Film Adaptation

Write a...

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