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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Lesueur when Maturin is sitting in the dark?
(a) Coming into Mrs. Fielding's home.
(b) Sailing back to Brest.
(c) Entering the deserted warehouse.
(d) Sneaking on board the Surprise.

2. Why are the two ships traveling together?
(a) Safety from pirates.
(b) Coincidence.
(c) They are not traveling together.
(d) Aubrey is training the other captain.

3. How is visibility in the squalls?
(a) That is one thing that is excellent.
(b) It is amazingly only slightly affected.
(c) They cannot see more than a foot in front of the prow.
(d) Poor.

4. Of what does Dundas complain?
(a) Having to sail around Cape Horn at this time of the year for a mission.
(b) Losing her main mast and two topsails.
(c) Having lost a French privateer.
(d) A hasty repair in the hull was leaking.

5. How does Aubrey give most of his report?
(a) Through what he writes on the Dromedary.
(b) In a secret packet to the admiralty in London.
(c) In face-to-face conversation.
(d) He does not give a report yet as he wants to catch the spy.

6. Who is Boulay?
(a) A man from Sir Hildebrand's administration.
(b) The captain of the Marsailles.
(c) A Frenchman who hates Napoleon.
(d) An English poet.

7. What does Maturin observe that pleases him?
(a) The crew getting into better shape.
(b) A variety of animal and plant life.
(c) The crew's skin getting tougher.
(d) The way Aubrey has lost weight.

8. About what does Aubrey worry?
(a) Where to obtain food.
(b) Where to obtain water.
(c) How to find a ship.
(d) Where the fort's inhabitants are.

9. How does Maturin use the situation with Mrs. Fielding?
(a) To learn more about Lesueur.
(b) To stay close to Mrs. Fielding in case her husband is the traitor and Maturin can catch him.
(c) To feed false intelligence information to the French.
(d) To be less lonely.

10. Who makes port at Malta before the Surprise?
(a) The Dryad.
(b) The Bounty.
(c) The Essex.
(d) The Wellington.

11. Why do Maturin and Aubrey want to return to Malta as quickly as possible?
(a) For a ball that is to take place shortly.
(b) In case Mrs. Fielding's life is in danger.
(c) For Aubrey to assume command of the Leopard.
(d) To give the admiral Fielding's intelligence.

12. With what ship do the Surprise and Dryad cross paths?
(a) The Leopard.
(b) The Edinburgh.
(c) The Wellington.
(d) The Elizabeth.

13. Why does Mr. Fielding decline passage aboard the Surprise?
(a) He is assigned to the Nymphe.
(b) He wants to travel on a faster ship.
(c) He is not offered passage on the Surprise.
(d) He believes Aubrey is having an affair with his wife.

14. Who greets Aubrey and his crew favorably?
(a) Their Turkish hosts.
(b) Mr. Fielding.
(c) Some Dutch fishermen.
(d) An English spy posing as a Frenchman.

15. What happens to Mr. Hairabedian?
(a) He is killed by sharks.
(b) He gets addicted to the opium.
(c) Aubrey refuses to set him ashore and he kills himself.
(d) He is hung for murder.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Aubrey pass the voyage home?

2. What follows after the squalls?

3. Where does Maturin go and sit in the dark?

4. What boat is commanded by Harry Cotton?

5. How do the men survive?

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