Objects & Places from Treason's Harbour

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Halley Diving Bell

Dr. Maturin purchased this to explore the ocean for depths up to ten fathoms.


This is a decorative Turkish hat often embellished extravagantly.

The Surprise

This is the name of Captain Aubrey's favorite ship under his command.

The Worcester

This is the other ship under Captain Aubrey's command.


This is the country in which much of the novel is set.


This is the city in Malta where Mrs. Fielding resides.

British Forces

The group of military men that fight the French during the Napoleonic war.

French Forces

Although none of the action in this novel occurs on French soil, it is the war between Britain and France that determines the characters' activity. Lesueur is a French spy and Mr. Wray is an accomplice to the French forces.

The Dromedary

This is the British ship that Captain Aubrey and his crew sail upon...

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