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Short Answer Questions

1. In describing his trenches experience in this section, Carr says he ruined several what?

2. When Bennett states that a social revolution has occurred in Russia, what activity does Carr assume this involves?

3. According to Carr, what is the name of the street in Zurich on which both Lenin's lodging and Meierei bar were located?

4. What does the British government request of Carr int his section?

5. In what year does Carr recall he was acquainted with Joyce, Lenin, and Tzara?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Joyce's business at the house at the end of the play?

2. Why do the Allies want to keep Lenin in Switzerland?

3. What caveat does Gwen give in accepting Tzara's proposal?

4. How does Gwen react to Tzara's poem?

5. How does Carr respond to Tzara's Dadaist sentiments?

6. What is the reason for Cecily's coming to Gwen's house?

7. Describe Lenin's aversion to career artists.

8. Why does Carr bring up Bennett's logbook in this section?

9. Describe Carr's obsession with clothing.

10. What confusion exist between Tzara and Carr regarding the reasoning behind the war?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tom Stoppard is a linguist, perhaps the most adventurous linguist of the modern theatre. Language plays a major part in Travesties, though the play is all in English. Write an essay analyzing the major forms the writing takes, focusing on four forms: Witty Farce, Docudrama, Modern Debate, and Limericks. When dos each form occur in the play? What characters or topics are invariably involved with each form? Does one form generally follow another?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about the character of James Joyce. He is one of the most enigmatic characters in the play, but he has one of the deepest verifiable relationships with Henry Carr. The first half of the essay should concern his art. How does Ulysses fulfill a primal need that he has for literature? What special significance does he assign to the character of Odysseus? The second half should concern his attitude toward money. To what extent does indebtedness and miserliness plague his association with Carr? Is it possible that these attributes may be a creation of Carr the storyteller?

Essay Topic 3

The central story of Travesties is a love story involving two couples, but it is driven in large part by the British desire to keep tabs on Lenin. Write an essay about Carr's mission to prevent Lenin's passage into Russia. How does he initially react to the assignment as related and elucidated by Bennett? Why does it bring him into contact with Cecily? In the end, why does Carr have such difficulty following through with his assignment?

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