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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following figures is not among the attendees Carr jokingly names for the Social Democrats for Civil War in Europe meeting?

2. At the beginning of this section, what does Carr tell Bennett is completely absent from Switzerland?

3. What precious stone is in Carr's preferred studs?

4. Which of the following Dada artists in not mentioned by mentioned by Carr in his monologue?

5. How many times does Joyce instruct Gwen to repeat his dictation in the text?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are time slips?

2. How does Carr respond to Tzara's Dadaist sentiments?

3. What events have transpired in Russia since the abdication of the czar?

4. What questions does Carr attempt to answer regarding Dada?

5. What warning does Carr give Tzara regarding the Bolsheviks int his section?

6. Describe Joyce's falling out with Carr.

7. How does Henry Carr change at the end of his monologue?

8. What ridiculous statement does Old Carr make about his connection to Lenin?

9. What parts of Henry Carr's story can be definitively believed by the audience?

10. What is the real reason for Tzara's visit?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tom Stoppard is a linguist, perhaps the most adventurous linguist of the modern theatre. Language plays a major part in Travesties, though the play is all in English. Write an essay analyzing the major forms the writing takes, focusing on four forms: Witty Farce, Docudrama, Modern Debate, and Limericks. When dos each form occur in the play? What characters or topics are invariably involved with each form? Does one form generally follow another?

Essay Topic 2

Tristan Tzara's hat is a central symbol of the play. From it is drawn, and its very significance seems to mystify Gwendolen and Henry Carr and James Joyce. Write an essay about the significance of the hat as a symbol. Who handles it besides Tzara and what surprises emerge from it? What role does it play in Tristan's wooing of Gwendolen? What does it represent in the world of the play?

Essay Topic 3

The play opens with a tableau of the Zurich Library. It includes three tables, inhabited by five characters. Write an essay analyzing this opening tableau as a diagram for the artistic and political debate which is to follow. Who dominates each table? What are these dominant figures doing at the beginning of the play? What major movements of the First World War era are represented by these tables?

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