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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what Swiss food does Carr state Rochefoucauld complained?
(a) Swiss cheese.
(b) Swiss chocolate.
(c) Swiss pastries.
(d) Swiss goat milk.

2. What sound effect does Stoppard recommend to accompany time slips in the play?
(a) A tuba blast.
(b) A cuckoo clock chime.
(c) A thunder clap.
(d) A shattering of glass.

3. For what occasion is Carr dressing in this section?
(a) The theatre.
(b) A diplomatic banquet.
(c) A date.
(d) A wedding.

4. What art movement is born our of the Meierei Bar in Zurich?
(a) Cubism.
(b) Dada.
(c) Surrealism.
(d) Abstract Expressionism.

5. What term for Germans is Carr unfamiliar with before entering the war?
(a) Boche.
(b) Saxon.
(c) Hun.
(d) Kraut.

Short Answer Questions

1. What "modish novelty" does Carr disapprove of in Bennett (14)?

2. Which of the following characters does not enter at the beginning of this section?

3. Due to a clerical error on his birth certificate, what if James Joyce's legal middle name?

4. What objects are inadvertently interposed int he beginning of the play?

5. To which "misfortune" does Carr refer in this section, regarding Tristan Tzara (14)?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Lenin's ill-fated plan to leave Switzerland?

2. How is Lenin devastated and frustrated listening to a Beethoven symphony?

3. What is Joyce's business at the house at the end of the play?

4. What final words of wisdom does Carr offer at the end of the play?

5. How is Art created, from Tzara's point of view?

6. In what way has Carr's manner of study impeded his learning?

7. How does Henry Carr dismiss the writings of Marx in this section?

8. What quandary is Carr facing in this section?

9. How does Carr's opinion of Joyce seems to change as he sums up the writer's character in his monologue?

10. What lie does Carr argue is the artist's great achievement?

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