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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What novel by Tolstoy does Lenin especially admire?
(a) Anna Karenina.
(b) Boyhood.
(c) War and Peace.
(d) Resurrection.

2. What two countries are attempting to prevent Lenin's entry to Russia?
(a) Germany and Italy.
(b) Germany and Serbia.
(c) Britain and France.
(d) Belgium and France.

3. Who does Gwen leave to tell of her engagement to Tzara?
(a) Carr.
(b) Bennett.
(c) Cecily.
(d) Joyce.

4. Why does Cecily forgive Carr's outburst in the library in this section?
(a) The library is empty.
(b) She is about to quit her post as librarian.
(c) She is captivated by him.
(d) The reference section is about to close.

5. According to Joyce, what is the only country not to have its art well-represented in Zurich?
(a) Germany.
(b) England.
(c) Russia.
(d) France.

6. What is the word on the first strip of paper that Tzara draws for Gwen's poem?
(a) Compare.
(b) Moon.
(c) Possession.
(d) Darling.

7. What did Lenin do during a major famine in Russia?
(a) Organized soup kitchens.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Wrote his first book.
(d) Emigrated.

8. In this section, Cecily say that when the history of the revolution is written, what will not loom large in it?
(a) Switzerland.
(b) The Kerensky government.
(c) Dada.
(d) Her name.

9. According to Tzara, artists and intellectuals will be what to the Russian Revolution?
(a) Priests.
(b) The voice.
(c) A thorn in the side.
(d) Conscience.

10. In what year did Tristan Tzara die?
(a) 1963.
(b) 1982.
(c) 1933,
(d) 1950.

11. In mocking Tzara's Dadaist pretensions in this section, what does Carr say the communist will have Tzara pissing?
(a) Multicolored.
(b) Vinegar.
(c) Blood.
(d) One color.

12. What accessory does Lenin intend to wear as he steals out of Switzerland?
(a) Sunglasses.
(b) A wig.
(c) Face bandages.
(d) A cape.

13. Which of the following is not a specific art movement that Lenin decries as incomprehensible in this section?
(a) Cubism.
(b) Futurism.
(c) Dadaism.
(d) Expressionism.

14. According to Carr, why was Marx wrong in his assessment of capitalism?
(a) He was writing from a foriegn perspective.
(b) He was ill-educated.
(c) He has never invested in a major company.
(d) He was writing during the Industrial Revolution.

15. What does Joyce pull out of Tzara's hat before leaving the stage?
(a) A rabbit.
(b) Another hat.
(c) His manuscript.
(d) A whole poem.

Short Answer Questions

1. During his introduction in the beginning of this section, what is the only thing that Carr says he knows of Joyce?

2. When did Cecily fall in love with Carr?

3. From what type of dictionary does Tzara claim the word Dada was taken?

4. How does Carr describe his trial against Joyce at the end of Act 1?

5. According to Tzara, Huelsenbeck wanted to connect Dadaism to what other movement?

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