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Act 1, Part 1

• Joyce, Tzara, and Lenin work int he Zurich Library in 1917.

• Gwendolen and Cecily accidentally swap Lenin and Joyce's manuscripts.

• Nadya tells Lenin that the Revolution has begun in Russia.

• Henry Carr - in present day - explains how he became acquainted with Joyce, Lenin, and the Dadaists in Zurich.

• Henry Carr enters the world of 1917.

Act 1, Part 2

• Bennett assists Carr in dressing for a night out.

• Bennett tells Carr that Tzara has been by the house.

• Bennett explains Marxist theory to Carr.

• Bennett and Carr discuss the odds of Lenin's success.

• Bennett informs Carr that the British want him to watch Lenin's movements.

Act 1, Part 3

• Joyce and Gwen ask Carr for money in limericks.

• Tzara explains Dada to Carr.

• Tzara announces his intention to propose to Gwn.

• Tzara explains why he goes by Jack in the presence of Lenin and Cecily.

Act 1, Part 4

• Joyce asks Carr...

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