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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Steinbeck forced to turn back?
(a) It starts to get dark.
(b) Charley reacts violently to the sight of bears.
(c) Steinbeck twists his ankle on a trail.
(d) Charley gets sick on a trail.

2. Aside from the unpleasant family visit, how does Steinbeck find the Monterey Peninsula?
(a) It is too industrialized to suit him.
(b) It is sadly declining.
(c) It is more attractive but has lost its sense of wildness.
(d) It is much dirtier than he remembered.

3. What significant event does Steinbeck anticipate in Montana?
(a) Crossing the Colorado River
(b) The geyser of Old Faithful
(c) Seeing Mount Rushmore
(d) Crossing the Continental Divide

4. What crime does the U.S. Customs Officer accuse Steinbeck of committing?
(a) Charley does not wear a collar.
(b) There is a phone number penciled in on his passport.
(c) The camper's fire extinguisher is out of date.
(d) There are open containers of liquor in the camper.

5. What impresses Steinbeck about the Oregon coast?
(a) The orchards
(b) The fog
(c) The rocks
(d) Sequoia trees

Short Answer Questions

1. Why will Steinbeck never move back to Monterey?

2. What impresses Steinbeck at the rest stops?

3. What does Steinbeck consider the river crossing at Bismarck to be?

4. What does Steinbeck enjoy in Idaho?

5. Why does Steinbeck think the dairy farms he sees must be subsidized?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the rock with the mica in it so important to Steinbeck?

2. What happens to Steinbeck in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

3. What does Steinbeck admire most about Texans?

4. Why does Steinbeck fall in love with Montana?

5. What does Steinbeck learn about truckers when he takes breaks at roadside rest stops?

6. What does Steinbeck encounter in New Orleans that sickens him?

7. Why is Steinbeck conflicted as he leaves Texas and heads for Louisiana?

8. How does Steinbeck justify his opinion that the river crossing at Bismarck is the true demarcation between east and west?

9. What has Steinbeck learned about America so far?

10. What has Steinbeck noticed about America so far on his trip?

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