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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the source of trouble Steinbeck runs into while trying to cross the border into Canada?
(a) He has forgotten his birth certificate.
(b) He cannot take his liquor into Canada.
(c) He needs a passport.
(d) He needs Charley's rabies vaccination documents to return to the U.S.

2. Where does Steinbeck head after Bismarck?
(a) Mount Rushmore
(b) The Bad Lands
(c) The Painted Desert
(d) The Wisconsin Dells

3. What did Charley get at the hotel in Chicago?
(a) Play time with other dogs
(b) A professional poodle grooming
(c) Special dog treats
(d) A good night's sleep

4. Why does Steinbeck decide not to visit a friend in Louisiana?
(a) He doesn't think he would be welcomed.
(b) It is not a place to be seen with New York license plates.
(c) He has to get to a gas station.
(d) He needs to make up for lost time.

5. What disrupts the family visit?
(a) Political arguments
(b) Too much beer drinking
(c) Poker games
(d) A big storm

6. What crime does the U.S. Customs Officer accuse Steinbeck of committing?
(a) Charley does not wear a collar.
(b) The camper's fire extinguisher is out of date.
(c) There is a phone number penciled in on his passport.
(d) There are open containers of liquor in the camper.

7. According to Steinbeck, what do people living in a bland world crave?
(a) Sex and violence in their fiction
(b) Restaurants serving spicy foods
(c) Science fiction books
(d) Travel magazines about foreign countries

8. What does Steinbeck contemplate as he drives through Louisiana?
(a) The only black family he had known while growing up--the Coopers
(b) How he can't wait to get home
(c) How he hopes his new book will be a success
(d) What to give his wife for Christmas

9. What holiday does Steinbeck celebrate with his wife in Texas?
(a) Yom Kippur
(b) Thanksgiving
(c) Halloween
(d) Christmas

10. What is the evening meal where Steinbeck stops at a rental cabin and lunch room?
(a) Corned beef & cabbage and lemon pie
(b) Beef stew & biscuits and chocolate cake
(c) Cheeseburger & fries and pudding
(d) Ham & beans and ice cream

11. What is Steinbeck's next destination?
(a) Chicago
(b) Toledo
(c) Detroit
(d) Milwaukee

12. What does the park ranger warn Steinbeck about as he enters the answer to #130?
(a) Falling rocks
(b) Extreme temperatures
(c) Bears
(d) Coyotes

13. What quality do the people of #126 have that is so appealing to Steinbeck?
(a) They are stubborn.
(b) They talk easily.
(c) They don't talk much.
(d) They are easygoing.

14. What is the occupation of Steinbeck's camping neighbor for the night?
(a) A Shakesperian performer
(b) An auto executive
(c) A farming implements salesman
(d) A plastics salesman

15. What commotion has erupted in the city where Steinbeck stops?
(a) The local electrician's union is on strike.
(b) Angry crowds denounce the desegregation of a grade school.
(c) The buses are running late today.
(d) The dock workers are on strike.

Short Answer Questions

1. In additional to regionalism, what has Steinbeck noticed about America so far during his trip?

2. What impresses Steinbeck at the rest stops?

3. What impresses Steinbeck with its strange rock formations?

4. What does Steinbeck plan to do in Chicago?

5. Why does Steinbeck think the dairy farms he sees must be subsidized?

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