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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Steinbeck exclude from the novel?
(a) The notes he makes in a journal
(b) The notes he makes on a tape recorder
(c) Phone calls he places to his family
(d) The Chicago reunion with his wife

2. Who does Steinbeck believe was properly impressed with the country they trekked?
(a) Native Americans
(b) Civil War soldiers
(c) Pioneers
(d) Lewis & Clark

3. What does Steinbeck consider the river crossing at Bismarck to be?
(a) The most beautiful place he has ever seen
(b) The true demarcation between east and west
(c) The most treacherous experience he has ever had
(d) The most boring place he has ever been

4. To what political party does Steinbeck belong?
(a) Libertarian
(b) Independent
(c) Republican
(d) Democratic

5. Why does Steinbeck decide not to visit a friend in Louisiana?
(a) He has to get to a gas station.
(b) He doesn't think he would be welcomed.
(c) He needs to make up for lost time.
(d) It is not a place to be seen with New York license plates.

6. Aside from the unpleasant family visit, how does Steinbeck find the Monterey Peninsula?
(a) It is more attractive but has lost its sense of wildness.
(b) It is sadly declining.
(c) It is too industrialized to suit him.
(d) It is much dirtier than he remembered.

7. What did Charley get at the hotel in Chicago?
(a) Play time with other dogs
(b) Special dog treats
(c) A good night's sleep
(d) A professional poodle grooming

8. Why does Steinbeck stay in Texas three extra days?
(a) Steinbeck is tired of driving.
(b) Steinbeck finds it hard to say goodbye to his wife.
(c) Charley needs veterinary care.
(d) The camper needs some engine work done.

9. What does Steinbeck call the previous guest of a hotel room he waits in temporarily?
(a) Marvel the Magician
(b) Johnny on the Spot
(c) Lonesome Harry
(d) The Invisible Man

10. Why does Steinbeck think the dairy farms he sees must be subsidized?
(a) They look too good to be self-sustaining.
(b) They are too big for one person to manage.
(c) They have a large variety of animals.
(d) The feed bins are overflowing.

11. What is Steinbeck's next destination?
(a) Chicago
(b) Detroit
(c) Milwaukee
(d) Toledo

12. Who is Steinbeck drawn to at the rest stops?
(a) Truck drivers
(b) Tour groups
(c) Families
(d) Military personnel

13. What does Steinbeck contemplate as he drives through Louisiana?
(a) How he can't wait to get home
(b) How he hopes his new book will be a success
(c) The only black family he had known while growing up--the Coopers
(d) What to give his wife for Christmas

14. To which state would Steinbeck like to move?
(a) South Dakota
(b) Montana
(c) North Dakota
(d) Wyoming

15. Why do many people invest in house trailers?
(a) Home foreclosures
(b) Status
(c) Adventure
(d) Cost and mobility

Short Answer Questions

1. What beauty does Steinbeck see at sunset?

2. Where does Steinbeck head after leaving California?

3. What is Steinbeck given when he asks for a reading light?

4. Near what river does Steinbeck spend the night?

5. Where does Steinbeck head after leaving Chicago?

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