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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Steinbeck head after spending the night among the sequoias?
(a) To San Diego
(b) To Portland
(c) To Monterey
(d) To Crescent City

2. Of what does the Columbia River region remind Steinbeck?
(a) Camping trips with his son
(b) Lewis & Clark's expedition
(c) His childhood along the Pacific coast
(d) Fly fishing with his father

3. Where does Steinbeck head after leaving California?
(a) The Rocky Mountains
(b) The Tetons
(c) The Mojave Desert
(d) The Grand Canyon

4. What did Charley get at the hotel in Chicago?
(a) A good night's sleep
(b) Special dog treats
(c) Play time with other dogs
(d) A professional poodle grooming

5. What does Steinbeck plan to do in Chicago?
(a) Meet his wife
(b) Go to a Cubs game
(c) Eat a great steak dinner
(d) See his publisher

6. What does Steinbeck see beneath the bluster and brag of the Texans he knows?
(a) Sensitivity
(b) Ignorance
(c) Intelligence
(d) Bad tempers

7. Where does Steinbeck go to reminisce with an old friend?
(a) The ballgame
(b) Church
(c) Fishing
(d) Johnny Garcia's bar

8. How are Steinbeck's political views perceived by his family?
(a) As an uninformed person
(b) As a nuisance
(c) As a radical
(d) As an insult to his upbringing

9. What does Steinbeck do to accelerate his trip?
(a) Changes his itinerary
(b) Hits the multi-lane highways
(c) Exceeds the speed limits
(d) Drives more hours each day

10. What does Steinbeck enjoy in Idaho?
(a) Baked potatoes
(b) Fly fishing
(c) Snow-capped mountains
(d) Wildflowers

11. What does Steinbeck consider the river crossing at Bismarck to be?
(a) The most beautiful place he has ever seen
(b) The most boring place he has ever been
(c) The true demarcation between east and west
(d) The most treacherous experience he has ever had

12. What threatens Steinbeck's stay at the Maple River?
(a) A tornado
(b) The possibility of snow
(c) Gang wars
(d) Below-zero temperatures

13. On what does Steinbeck reflect at this point of his journey?
(a) If he is doing the trip as it should be done
(b) If he should get a different camper
(c) If he should take a break
(d) If he should turn back

14. In what city in Louisiana does Steinbeck decide to stop?
(a) Baton Rouge
(b) Natchitoches
(c) New Orleans
(d) Thibodaux

15. What quality do the people of #126 have that is so appealing to Steinbeck?
(a) They are stubborn.
(b) They don't talk much.
(c) They are easygoing.
(d) They talk easily.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Steinbeck admire most about Texans?

2. What is the name of the group giving disturbing speeches?

3. Why does Steinbeck rush to Spokane?

4. What does a friend want Steinbeck to bring back from his trip?

5. What prevents Steinbeck from moving to the answer to #126?

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