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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what does Steinbeck reflect at this point of his journey?
(a) If he should take a break
(b) If he is doing the trip as it should be done
(c) If he should turn back
(d) If he should get a different camper

2. What is the only valuable thing that happens on this day?
(a) Steinbeck has a good steak dinner.
(b) Steinbeck writes in a journal.
(c) Steinbeck sees Niagara Falls.
(d) Steinbeck talks to his wife from a pay phone.

3. What does Steinbeck consider the river crossing at Bismarck to be?
(a) The true demarcation between east and west
(b) The most beautiful place he has ever seen
(c) The most treacherous experience he has ever had
(d) The most boring place he has ever been

4. What impresses Steinbeck at the rest stops?
(a) The friendliness of other travelers
(b) The variety of goods in the vending machines
(c) The dog walking areas
(d) The really clean facilities

5. What returns for Mrs. Steinbeck when she talks to a fellow Texan?
(a) Her Texas accent
(b) Her distrust
(c) Her manners
(d) Her temper

6. What does Steinbeck do to accelerate his trip?
(a) Hits the multi-lane highways
(b) Exceeds the speed limits
(c) Drives more hours each day
(d) Changes his itinerary

7. Why has Steinbeck's visit disturbed his family?
(a) He has parked his camper in the yard.
(b) They want to remember the younger Steinbeck of their memories.
(c) He makes long distance phone calls on their phones.
(d) He drinks too much beer.

8. What does Steinbeck enjoy in Idaho?
(a) Wildflowers
(b) Fly fishing
(c) Baked potatoes
(d) Snow-capped mountains

9. What are the Bad Lands like during the day?
(a) They create fear.
(b) They are very bright.
(c) They are lush.
(d) They are engaging.

10. What does Steinbeck admire most about Texans?
(a) Their land
(b) Their hospitality
(c) Their money
(d) Their energy

11. To what does Steinbeck liken the group's verbal taunts?
(a) A wake-up call
(b) A lesson in intolerance
(c) A demonic chorus
(d) A nightmare

12. What holiday does Steinbeck celebrate with his wife in Texas?
(a) Thanksgiving
(b) Halloween
(c) Yom Kippur
(d) Christmas

13. What quality do the people of #126 have that is so appealing to Steinbeck?
(a) They are stubborn.
(b) They talk easily.
(c) They don't talk much.
(d) They are easygoing.

14. To which state would Steinbeck like to move?
(a) North Dakota
(b) Wyoming
(c) South Dakota
(d) Montana

15. Why will Steinbeck never move back to Monterey?
(a) Monterey is too old fashioned.
(b) He wants to be away from his family.
(c) Monterey is too dirty.
(d) New York City is his home now.

Short Answer Questions

1. Aside from the unpleasant family visit, how does Steinbeck find the Monterey Peninsula?

2. Whose birthplace is Steinbeck anxious to visit?

3. What does a friend want Steinbeck to bring back from his trip?

4. Who does Steinbeck believe was properly impressed with the country they trekked?

5. Why does Steinbeck think the dairy farms he sees must be subsidized?

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