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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Steinbeck decide not to visit a friend in Louisiana?
(a) It is not a place to be seen with New York license plates.
(b) He has to get to a gas station.
(c) He needs to make up for lost time.
(d) He doesn't think he would be welcomed.

2. In what city in Louisiana does Steinbeck decide to stop?
(a) Baton Rouge
(b) Thibodaux
(c) New Orleans
(d) Natchitoches

3. What does Steinbeck plan to do in Chicago?
(a) Go to a Cubs game
(b) See his publisher
(c) Eat a great steak dinner
(d) Meet his wife

4. What does Steinbeck consider the river crossing at Bismarck to be?
(a) The most beautiful place he has ever seen
(b) The most treacherous experience he has ever had
(c) The most boring place he has ever been
(d) The true demarcation between east and west

5. Why is Steinbeck forced to turn back?
(a) Charley gets sick on a trail.
(b) It starts to get dark.
(c) Charley reacts violently to the sight of bears.
(d) Steinbeck twists his ankle on a trail.

6. What quality do the people of #126 have that is so appealing to Steinbeck?
(a) They are stubborn.
(b) They talk easily.
(c) They are easygoing.
(d) They don't talk much.

7. What historical attraction does Steinbeck visit in Montana?
(a) The Grand Canyon
(b) Yosemite National Park
(c) The Little Big Horm battlefield
(d) Mount Rushmore

8. Why is Steinbeck shocked by Seattle?
(a) It has way too many coffee shops.
(b) It has many homeless people.
(c) It is a very dirty city.
(d) It has grown tremendously.

9. What is Steinbeck's next destination?
(a) Milwaukee
(b) Toledo
(c) Detroit
(d) Chicago

10. To Steinbeck, Texas is not so much a place as a _________________________.
(a) state of mind
(b) nightmare
(c) mistake
(d) dream

11. What impresses Steinbeck at the rest stops?
(a) The variety of goods in the vending machines
(b) The friendliness of other travelers
(c) The dog walking areas
(d) The really clean facilities

12. Who does Steinbeck believe was properly impressed with the country they trekked?
(a) Pioneers
(b) Civil War soldiers
(c) Native Americans
(d) Lewis & Clark

13. Where does Steinbeck head after spending the night among the sequoias?
(a) To Crescent City
(b) To San Diego
(c) To Monterey
(d) To Portland

14. Whose birthplace is Steinbeck anxious to visit?
(a) Pocahantas
(b) Knut Rockne
(c) John F. Kennedy
(d) Sinclair Lewis

15. Where does Steinbeck go to reminisce with an old friend?
(a) The ballgame
(b) Church
(c) Johnny Garcia's bar
(d) Fishing

Short Answer Questions

1. What national park does Steinbeck visit while in Montana?

2. Where does Steinbeck head after leaving California?

3. What does the park ranger warn Steinbeck about as he enters the answer to #130?

4. What is the source of trouble Steinbeck runs into while trying to cross the border into Canada?

5. Which author wrote that you can't go home again?

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