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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What national park does Steinbeck visit while in Montana?
(a) Yosemite National Park
(b) The Grand Canyon
(c) Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail
(d) Yellowstone National Park

2. Whose birthplace is Steinbeck anxious to visit?
(a) Knut Rockne
(b) Pocahantas
(c) John F. Kennedy
(d) Sinclair Lewis

3. Why do many people invest in house trailers?
(a) Adventure
(b) Cost and mobility
(c) Home foreclosures
(d) Status

4. Why is Steinbeck forced to turn back?
(a) It starts to get dark.
(b) Charley gets sick on a trail.
(c) Charley reacts violently to the sight of bears.
(d) Steinbeck twists his ankle on a trail.

5. Aside from the unpleasant family visit, how does Steinbeck find the Monterey Peninsula?
(a) It is sadly declining.
(b) It is more attractive but has lost its sense of wildness.
(c) It is too industrialized to suit him.
(d) It is much dirtier than he remembered.

6. What does the park ranger warn Steinbeck about as he enters the answer to #130?
(a) Extreme temperatures
(b) Coyotes
(c) Falling rocks
(d) Bears

7. What threatens Steinbeck's stay at the Maple River?
(a) A tornado
(b) The possibility of snow
(c) Below-zero temperatures
(d) Gang wars

8. According to Steinbeck, what do people living in a bland world crave?
(a) Science fiction books
(b) Restaurants serving spicy foods
(c) Travel magazines about foreign countries
(d) Sex and violence in their fiction

9. What is Steinbeck given when he asks for a reading light?
(a) A floor lamp
(b) A coal oil lantern
(c) A table lamp
(d) A flashlight

10. Where does Steinbeck go for a family visit?
(a) His brother's house
(b) His uncle's house
(c) His sister's house
(d) His cousin's house

11. What prevents Steinbeck from moving to the answer to #126?
(a) There are no major league baseball teams.
(b) There are no big cities.
(c) There are no great restaurants.
(d) There is no ocean.

12. What does Steinbeck notice that have sprung up near urban centers?
(a) Drug stores
(b) Trailer parks
(c) Industrial parks
(d) Baseball diamonds

13. To what political party does Steinbeck belong?
(a) Libertarian
(b) Democratic
(c) Independent
(d) Republican

14. Who does Steinbeck believe was properly impressed with the country they trekked?
(a) Lewis & Clark
(b) Native Americans
(c) Pioneers
(d) Civil War soldiers

15. What beauty does Steinbeck see at sunset?
(a) Purple and pink rays of light
(b) Sparkling snowflakes
(c) Gleaming water on the river
(d) The colors of the rock layers

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Charley get at the hotel in Chicago?

2. What does Steinbeck plan to do in Chicago?

3. Where does Steinbeck head after leaving California?

4. What is the name of the group giving disturbing speeches?

5. What crime does the U.S. Customs Officer accuse Steinbeck of committing?

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