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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the park ranger warn Steinbeck about as he enters the answer to #130?
(a) Extreme temperatures
(b) Coyotes
(c) Falling rocks
(d) Bears

2. What does Steinbeck notice that have sprung up near urban centers?
(a) Drug stores
(b) Trailer parks
(c) Baseball diamonds
(d) Industrial parks

3. Near what river does Steinbeck spend the night?
(a) Maple River
(b) Colorado River
(c) Ohio River
(d) Mississippi River

4. Why is Steinbeck shocked by Seattle?
(a) It has many homeless people.
(b) It has way too many coffee shops.
(c) It is a very dirty city.
(d) It has grown tremendously.

5. What is the source of trouble Steinbeck runs into while trying to cross the border into Canada?
(a) He cannot take his liquor into Canada.
(b) He needs Charley's rabies vaccination documents to return to the U.S.
(c) He needs a passport.
(d) He has forgotten his birth certificate.

6. What beauty does Steinbeck see at sunset?
(a) Gleaming water on the river
(b) Sparkling snowflakes
(c) The colors of the rock layers
(d) Purple and pink rays of light

7. What is the evening meal where Steinbeck stops at a rental cabin and lunch room?
(a) Cheeseburger & fries and pudding
(b) Beef stew & biscuits and chocolate cake
(c) Ham & beans and ice cream
(d) Corned beef & cabbage and lemon pie

8. Why does Steinbeck rush to Spokane?
(a) To get a good meal
(b) To check into a hotel
(c) To do some laundry
(d) To find a veterinarian for Charley

9. Why do many people invest in house trailers?
(a) Home foreclosures
(b) Cost and mobility
(c) Status
(d) Adventure

10. Which author wrote that you can't go home again?
(a) Thomas Wolfe
(b) F. Scott Fitzgerald
(c) John Steinbeck
(d) T.S. Eliot

11. In additional to regionalism, what has Steinbeck noticed about America so far during his trip?
(a) Creative differences
(b) A spirit of giving
(c) A bland oneness
(d) Industriousness

12. To what political party does Steinbeck belong?
(a) Democratic
(b) Republican
(c) Libertarian
(d) Independent

13. Aside from the unpleasant family visit, how does Steinbeck find the Monterey Peninsula?
(a) It is sadly declining.
(b) It is too industrialized to suit him.
(c) It is more attractive but has lost its sense of wildness.
(d) It is much dirtier than he remembered.

14. What commotion has erupted in the city where Steinbeck stops?
(a) Angry crowds denounce the desegregation of a grade school.
(b) The dock workers are on strike.
(c) The local electrician's union is on strike.
(d) The buses are running late today.

15. What impresses Steinbeck with its strange rock formations?
(a) The Wisconsin Dells
(b) The Grand Canyon
(c) Mount Rushmore
(d) Yosemite

Short Answer Questions

1. What threatens Steinbeck's stay at the Maple River?

2. What does Steinbeck exclude from the novel?

3. What does Steinbeck admire most about Texans?

4. Why does Steinbeck think the dairy farms he sees must be subsidized?

5. In what city in Louisiana does Steinbeck decide to stop?

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