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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Steinbeck share with the adults in the family?
(a) Books
(b) Magazines
(c) Cigarettes
(d) Rare cognac

2. What have people always told Steinbeck about his wanderlust?
(a) He is crazy to even think about it.
(b) He will grow out of it.
(c) He needs to indulge it.
(d) Everybody has it to some degree.

3. In what vehicle did Steinbeck travel on this trip?
(a) An old VW van
(b) An old pickup truck
(c) An old bakery truck
(d) An old school bus

4. Of what does the sight of a nuclear submarine remind Steinbeck?
(a) His days in the navy
(b) The Cold War
(c) His fear of enclosed places
(d) A story he once wrote

5. What is unusual about the inn Steinbeck finds?
(a) Its neon sign flashes that it is open and has vacancies but no one is there.
(b) It has valet parking
(c) It is not open on weekends.
(d) It is not in any guidebook.

6. What does Steinbeck call this state of journeying?
(a) Exciting
(b) Adventurous
(c) Freeing
(d) Bumdom

7. What is Steinbeck's destination on the next day?
(a) Kennebunkport
(b) Niagara Falls
(c) The northernmost county of Maine
(d) Ontario

8. What does Steinbeck not like about hunting?
(a) Cleaning your gun
(b) It gets too cold
(c) The clothes you have to wear
(d) The taste of wild game

9. What is wrong with Steinbeck's travel to these cities?
(a) It takes too much time out of his schedule.
(b) It is getting more and more expensive to make the trips.
(c) It is not the great expanse of the entire United States.
(d) It is a boring routine.

10. What happens to delay Steinbeck's plans?
(a) A blizzard hits New York.
(b) His wife needs emergency surgery.
(c) Hurricane Donna hits.
(d) The camper's tires go flat.

11. What does Steinbeck expect to experience on the road?
(a) Spirituality
(b) Boredom
(c) Elation
(d) Desolation

12. What happens to the neighboring boats after Steinbeck cuts the rope holding them together?
(a) They crash into Steinbeck's boat.
(b) They blow onto a mud bank.
(c) They capsize.
(d) They blow out to sea.

13. What does Steinbeck think the waitress is capable of doing?
(a) Becoming a pastry chef
(b) Singing in an all girls' band
(c) Being a gymnast
(d) Sucking all the joy from life within her range

14. What does Steinbeck do when he breaks camp the next morning?
(a) Takes Charley for a run
(b) Writes a few postcards
(c) Leaves a bottle for a keepsake for the Canadian family
(d) Throws water on his campfire

15. What does Steinbeck hope to accomplish on the trip?
(a) Beat the coast-to-coast record
(b) Reacquaint himself with America's people and countryside
(c) Chart the gas mileage for his vehicle
(d) Find a new place to live

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Steinbeck think of the hunters?

2. Who are the only ones who will understand the inability to control a trip?

3. What does Steinbeck mean by a "blown-in-the-glass" bum?

4. With what gadget is Rocinante equipped?

5. What is Steinbeck's wife's name?

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