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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what gadget is Rocinante equipped?
(a) A siren
(b) A loudspeaker
(c) A trick horn
(d) Flashing lights

2. What is the first prerequisite for travelers?
(a) A passport
(b) Good walking shoes
(c) Luggage on wheels
(d) A reason for traveling

3. How many years ago did Steinbeck travel the United States?
(a) 5
(b) 15
(c) 20
(d) 25

4. What does Steinbeck say about the journey he is about to take?
(a) It is the trip of a lifetime.
(b) It is something that he is dreading.
(c) It is much the same as all journeys that anyone takes.
(d) It is a very daunting proposition.

5. What does Steinbeck buy at roadside markets?
(a) Apples and hard apple cider
(b) Souvenirs
(c) Fresh vegetables
(d) Fresh pies

6. What does Steinbeck do single-handedly on his boat?
(a) He steers it out of the bay.
(b) He hoists up the anchors.
(c) He refinishes the interior.
(d) He sends out S.O.S. messages.

7. What material is everything in the motel made of, with the exception of the bedding and curtains?
(a) brass
(b) wood
(c) plastic
(d) glass

8. What does Steinbeck stock up on at a country store?
(a) Cold cuts
(b) Salty snacks
(c) Cookies and cupcakes
(d) Liquor and beer

9. What does Steinbeck hope to accomplish on the trip?
(a) Beat the coast-to-coast record
(b) Chart the gas mileage for his vehicle
(c) Find a new place to live
(d) Reacquaint himself with America's people and countryside

10. What has Steinbeck become over the years?
(a) An expert on travel
(b) A cantankerous old man
(c) A famous, contemporary writer
(d) A sentimental fool

11. Who are the only ones who will understand the inability to control a trip?
(a) Those who work as tour guides
(b) Those who sell travel packages
(c) Those who know about the nature of journeys
(d) Those who plan trips for a business

12. How is Steinbeck able to travel unnoticed?
(a) He dyes his hair black.
(b) He wears a wig and sunglasses.
(c) People do not expect famous authors to be traveling in a trailer with a dog for a companion.
(d) He gains a lot of weight.

13. In this book, Steinbeck's style is neither ______________ in nature nor completely ________________.
(a) entertaining, boring
(b) journalistic, poetic
(c) crafty, entertaining
(d) informative, ascetic

14. What does Steinbeck think of the hunters?
(a) They will shoot at anything that moves.
(b) They are the real men in this country.
(c) They are the best guys you'll ever meet.
(d) They stay out too long.

15. Who is the first person Steinbeck meets on his trip?
(a) A sailor
(b) A policeman
(c) A gas station attendant
(d) A waitress

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Steinbeck learn about all the writing materials he packs?

2. Steinbeck writes, "We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; _______________________

3. Where does Steinbeck re-anchor his boat?

4. With what was the vehicle outfitted?

5. Where does Steinbeck park his camper on his first night?

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