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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the answer to #80 remind Steinbeck of?
(a) The Everglades
(b) His hometown in Salinas
(c) The Bahamas
(d) Avalon in the King Arthur legends

2. What is the heritage of the Canadians?
(a) Dutch
(b) German
(c) French
(d) English

3. How does Steinbeck calm down after the storm?
(a) He plays golf.
(b) He drinks a big glass of whiskey.
(c) He takes a nap.
(d) He takes a hot shower.

4. What urge has Steinbeck felt all his life?
(a) The urge to be an athlete.
(b) The urge to be an artist.
(c) The urge to be someone else.
(d) The urge to be somewhere else.

5. What kind of dog is Charley?
(a) Jack Russell Terrier
(b) Dachshund
(c) Poodle
(d) German Shephard

6. How does Charley let Steinbeck know he wants something?
(a) He barks five times.
(b) He runs in circles.
(c) He makes a sound through his teeth.
(d) He howls.

7. What does Steinbeck name his camper?
(a) Rocinante
(b) Trigger
(c) Hi-ways
(d) Steinmaster

8. What does Steinbeck not like about hunting?
(a) It gets too cold
(b) Cleaning your gun
(c) The taste of wild game
(d) The clothes you have to wear

9. What is the first prerequisite for travelers?
(a) Good walking shoes
(b) A passport
(c) A reason for traveling
(d) Luggage on wheels

10. What does Steinbeck do to Charley to protect him in the deer hunting region of inner Maine?
(a) Boards him in a kennel
(b) Puts a bell around his neck
(c) Makes him stay in the camper
(d) Ties red tissue paper around his tail

11. Steinbeck writes, "We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; _______________________
(a) we define destinies."
(b) we take a journey."
(c) a trip takes us."
(d) we enter into a new dimension."

12. According to Steinbeck, every journey has its own __________________.
(a) climax
(b) personality
(c) deadline
(d) price

13. Where does Steinbeck re-anchor his boat?
(a) A hundred yards into the bay
(b) At a new marina
(c) At the next pier
(d) Closer to the coastline

14. What happens to delay Steinbeck's plans?
(a) The camper's tires go flat.
(b) His wife needs emergency surgery.
(c) Hurricane Donna hits.
(d) A blizzard hits New York.

15. How old is Steinbeck at the time that he starts on his journey?
(a) 48
(b) 45
(c) 65
(d) 58

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Steinbeck think as the date for his departure approaches?

2. According to Steinbeck, _____________ is the greater part of recognition.

3. Where does Steinbeck stay in a motel on his second night?

4. What has Steinbeck become over the years?

5. What do the Canadians migrate over the border to pick?

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