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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapter 10 - 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the only valuable thing that happens on this day?
(a) Steinbeck writes in a journal.
(b) Steinbeck sees Niagara Falls.
(c) Steinbeck has a good steak dinner.
(d) Steinbeck talks to his wife from a pay phone.

2. What does Steinbeck plan to do in Chicago?
(a) Go to a Cubs game
(b) Eat a great steak dinner
(c) See his publisher
(d) Meet his wife

3. Why does Steinbeck essentially ignore his doctors' advice?
(a) He wants a second opinion.
(b) He thinks he knows better than the doctors.
(c) They have been wrong before.
(d) He wants quality in his life, not necessarily quantity of years.

4. What significant event does Steinbeck anticipate in Montana?
(a) Crossing the Colorado River
(b) Crossing the Continental Divide
(c) Seeing Mount Rushmore
(d) The geyser of Old Faithful

5. Why has Steinbeck's visit disturbed his family?
(a) He makes long distance phone calls on their phones.
(b) They want to remember the younger Steinbeck of their memories.
(c) He has parked his camper in the yard.
(d) He drinks too much beer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What quality do the people of #126 have that is so appealing to Steinbeck?

2. What does Steinbeck invite the Canadian family to do?

3. How does Charley let Steinbeck know he wants something?

4. What are the Bad Lands like during the day?

5. Why is Steinbeck forced to turn back?

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