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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Steinbeck mean by a "blown-in-the-glass" bum?
(a) A traveler who will only drink out of crystal.
(b) A traveler who works as a glassblower.
(c) A traveler who drinks too much.
(d) A traveler who is as fragile as glass.

2. What does Steinbeck buy at a farmhouse?
(a) Dog food
(b) Cured bacon
(c) Smoked ham
(d) Fresh eggs

3. Where does Steinbeck go to church on his last morning in New England?
(a) Maine
(b) Connecticut
(c) Vermont
(d) New Hampshire

4. How does Steinbeck meet a Canadian family?
(a) His camper is parked next to theirs.
(b) He follows Charley to the family's camp.
(c) He is in the motel room next to theirs.
(d) They meet at a diner.

5. In what vehicle did Steinbeck travel on this trip?
(a) An old school bus
(b) An old bakery truck
(c) An old pickup truck
(d) An old VW van

Short Answer Questions

1. What has come over the country since Steinbeck's last trip?

2. What material is everything in the attached diner made of, including the waitress' apron?

3. What does Steinbeck hope to accomplish on the trip?

4. What does Steinbeck consider himself to be?

5. According to Steinbeck, every journey has its own __________________.

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