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Short Answer Questions

1. Who directed Casablanca?

2. In "Two Families of Objects," what market does Eco refer to as a "temple" at which the semiotic signs of consumerism may be studied?

3. What book of Hans Sedlmayr's is cited by Eco in the book?

4. Eco asserts that sport now exists mainly for what reasons?

5. When was St. Thomas Aquinas born?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hans Sedlmayr examine the theme of man's lost center?

2. What argument does Eco put forth in "The Comic and the Rule"?

3. What two types of objects does Eco describe in "Two Families of Objects"?

4. Why was St. Thomas revolutionary, according to Eco?

5. What does Eco assert about sports in the beginning of "Sports Chatter"?

6. What experience does Eco describe in "Lady Barbara"?

7. What criticisms does Eco demonstrate over the theories of Hans Sedlmayr?

8. How does Eco define "motif"? What word does he choose to use instead?

9. How does Eco relate sports to culture and entertainment in "Sports Chatter"?

10. How does semiotics assist in understanding language and communication, according to Eco?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Where is the Hearst Castle? How does it reflect hyper realism?

Essay Topic 2

Describe a museum of your choosing and how it reflects or does not reflect authenticity. According to Eco's definition and theories, is this museum authentic and how is that determined?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Jim Jones, the establishment of the People's Temple, and how Millenarian dynamics played a role in Jones' power. What other cult leaders have exhibited the same traits as Jones?

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