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Short Answer Questions

1. Eco asserts that sport now exists mainly for what reasons?

2. What book of Hans Sedlmayr's is cited by Eco in the book?

3. When classmates sent a naked girl into St. Thomas Aquinas' room when he was trying to become an abbot, what did he do?

4. According to Eco, spectator sports are "morally superior" to war because they only involve what?

5. Eco suggests that it is the creative interplay of the signs that is what, in "Language, Power, Force"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Eco define "motif"? What word does he choose to use instead?

2. What incident does Eco describe in "A Photograph"? What questions does this bring up?

3. What is Eco's principle statement in "Lady Barbara" and "Lumbar Support"?

4. How does semiotics assist in understanding language and communication, according to Eco?

5. How does Eco propose that one must free oneself from the confines of language?

6. How are spectator sports like war, according to Eco? How are they superior?

7. What was the worst thing to ever happen to St. Thomas Aquinas, according to Eco in "In Praise of St. Thomas"?

8. What experience does Eco describe in "Lady Barbara"?

9. How and from whom did St. Thomas unlock the secrets of reason, according to Eco?

10. Whose lecture does Eco discuss in "Language, Power, Force"? Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the Getty and Ringling Museums. Where are they located and by whom were they originated? Why does Eco discuss each?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Jim Jones, the establishment of the People's Temple, and how Millenarian dynamics played a role in Jones' power. What other cult leaders have exhibited the same traits as Jones?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss American zoos, aquariums and religious monuments. How do these fall into the category of hyper reality in Eco's vision?

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