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Section 1 - Chapter I pages 1-30

• Section I - Chapter 1 begins with a description of an art display in which two girls are in a crouched position facing each other and touch each other in a sensual manner.

• However, it turns out the the girls are merely a hologram presented at an exhibit in New York.

• Eco suggests that holography is the natural and final extension of photorealism and continues that America is a country that is fixated on realism, even to the point of obtaining "real" copies.
• Eco uses the story of Superman as an allegory of America and suggests that he has need of returning to his "Fortresses of Solitude" from time to time.

• Superman has several robots that are such good copies of human beings that they don't appear to be robots.

• Eco suggests that these robots serve as a museum of memories for Superman...

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