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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Anne's father at the age of 54?
(a) He goes to law school.
(b) He gets a tumor and has only two years to live.
(c) He gets a sports car.
(d) He starts his own business.

2. What does Anne call her steps toward grief recovery?
(a) Pathways
(b) Ladders
(c) The Long Road
(d) Stepping Stones

3. Anne says she is not one of those Christians ___________________.
(a) who teaches Sunday School
(b) who goes to church every day
(c) who organizes bake sales
(d) who forgives

4. What is the state of Anne's friend, Pammy's, household?
(a) Pammy's mother is a workaholic
(b) Pammy's mother is always passed out
(c) Pammy's mother cannot cook a simple meal
(d) Pammy's mother hires a housekeeper

5. What is notable about Grace Paley, the woman with whom Anne is to give two speeches?
(a) She flies a plane at the age of 75
(b) She has started her own church
(c) She is a female bishop
(d) She is a writer and political activist

Short Answer Questions

1. What is common among the children of the sixties?

2. What do Mary's dimes symbolize for Anne?

3. Who is Sam's friend?

4. What does Anne think when her plane finally levels out after hours of delay, bomb inspections, and turbulence?

5. Who does Anne select when she decides she must forgive someone?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the arrival of Pammy's daughter such a bittersweet occasion?

2. One day Anne sits next to a man on a plane who notes the cross on a chain around Anne's neck and asks if she is a born-again Christian? How does Anne respond?

3. Why does Anne think she may be failing Sam?

4. What is the reason that Anne makes Sam go to church?

5. What does Anne consider to be the first miracle she witnesses?

6. What two answering machine messages does Anne mention as being memorable to her?

7. Describe Anne's life at 28.

8. How does an Ash Wednesday morning, which Anne means to be filled with respect, turn out completely the opposite?

9. Describe Anne's trip to the beach when she tries to get rid of a headache.

10. What is the perception about religion in Anne's home as she grows up?

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