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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Anne say she always prayed at night?
(a) She knew someone was listening.
(b) She was afraid of the dark.
(c) She wasn't doing well in school.
(d) She didn't want her parents to divorce.

2. Anne says she is not one of those Christians ___________________.
(a) who teaches Sunday School
(b) who organizes bake sales
(c) who goes to church every day
(d) who forgives

3. What does Anne do when she has to make an important decision?
(a) She calls her girlfriends for advice.
(b) She calls her mother.
(c) She gets very quiet to see what decision brings her peace.
(d) She goes to a psychic.

4. What activity does Anne recall doing with Bee?
(a) Playing with their Easy-Bake ovens
(b) Joining the Girl Scouts
(c) Going swimming every day
(d) Sticking their fingers in their belly buttons

5. According to Anne's parents, only the ______________ believe.
(a) stupid
(b) gullible
(c) desperate
(d) ignorant

Short Answer Questions

1. What cause does Anne recall protesting with her father years ago?

2. Who is the woman in Anne's church who strongly disapproves of the answer to #26?

3. What does Anne consider the next ten years of her life to be?

4. Anne thinks that the people in church look upon her as ___________________.

5. What do Anne and Sam see coming in from the mountains in Idaho?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Anne's father when Anne is 23?

2. What role does alcohol play in Anne's home life?

3. When does Anne first encounter Jesus?

4. How does Anne respond when some paragliders offer Sam a free ride for his birthday one year in Idaho?

5. What is the symbolism Anne speaks of when she talks about "pieces of Pammy"?

6. One day Anne sits next to a man on a plane who notes the cross on a chain around Anne's neck and asks if she is a born-again Christian? How does Anne respond?

7. How does Anne learn that she receives grace to overcome and endure?

8. How does Anne know that Sam has forgiven her for the cartoon episode of that Ash Wednesday morning?

9. When Anne and Sam are at Ixtapa for vacation, they are both still mourning the death of Anne's friend, Pammy. What happens to alter Anne's perspective a little?

10. Describe Anne's life at 28.

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