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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anne see at the parties her parents host?
(a) People putting food in their pockets and purses
(b) Inappropriate behavior between people who are not married to each other
(c) People spilling drinks and not wiping up the spills
(d) People stealing bath soaps

2. Where do friends invite Sam to go for his birthday?
(a) An amusement park
(b) An inner tube trip
(c) An ice cream parlor
(d) A major league baseball game

3. What does a man offer Sam as a birthday gift?
(a) A paragliding ride
(b) A video game
(c) A ball bat
(d) Tickets for a ballgame

4. What happens to Anne's newly purchased used car?
(a) It rolls into a car in a parking lot.
(b) It dies at a stop sign.
(c) It skids on wet pavement.
(d) Its brakes fail and she hits a tree.

5. What does Anne call her steps toward grief recovery?
(a) Stepping Stones
(b) Pathways
(c) The Long Road
(d) Ladders

6. What is the subject of the book being read by the man next to Anne on the plane home?
(a) Financial planning
(b) Whole foods diets
(c) Marriage counseling
(d) The end of the world

7. How does Anne envision her time on stage with Paley?
(a) As an uncomfortable encounter
(b) As a town hall meeting
(c) As an informal performance
(d) As a scripted presentation

8. What was Anne hoping for on this night?
(a) Acclaim
(b) Dinner invitations
(c) Autograph signing session
(d) A job offer

9. What was the message on Anne's father's answering machine?
(a) The freedom train is coming.
(b) All's well that ends well.
(c) It is what it is.
(d) An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

10. Why does Anne say she always prayed at night?
(a) She didn't want her parents to divorce.
(b) She knew someone was listening.
(c) She was afraid of the dark.
(d) She wasn't doing well in school.

11. What turns Anne's life around during college?
(a) She reads Kierkgaard's "Fear and Trembling."
(b) She gets a religious boyfriend.
(c) She has a great roommate.
(d) She takes a religion class.

12. Why does Anne say she can make Sam go to church?
(a) She threatens him
(b) She coerces him
(c) She makes all his decisions
(d) She is bigger than he is

13. Where does Anne leave Sammy to play each day at the resort?
(a) The pool
(b) Daycare
(c) The game room
(d) The beach

14. What do Anne and Sam see coming in from the mountains in Idaho?
(a) Eagles
(b) Storm clouds
(c) Paragliders
(d) Snow squalls

15. What cause does Anne recall protesting with her father years ago?
(a) The bans on gay marriage
(b) Death penalties and inhumane conditions
(c) The war in Vietnam
(d) The Republican National Convention

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the reason Anne makes Sam go to church?

2. What activity does Anne recall doing with Bee?

3. What subject did Anne's father teach to prisoners?

4. According to Anne's parents, only the ______________ believe.

5. To what does Anne compare attacking a child?

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