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Andy Mulligan
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Short Answer Questions

1. In what location had Jose Angelico died?

2. What is Pascal Aguila's cause of death?

3. What causes Gardo to consent to a plan to visit the train station, even though he has been reluctant to do so?

4. What location does Raphael decide the boys must visit in order to deliver the letter they have found in the train station locker?

5. What type of disease had broken out in the area when Pascal Aguila had forced the local hospital to set up a special unit for the poor?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reason does Grace give for Pia Dante not having lived with her father, Jose Angelico, while he was still alive?

2. List three physical changes that occur within Raphael's body as a result of his terror at being hauled away from his house by the police.

3. At what point does Raphael realize that the contents of the bag must be hugely important to the police?

4. What are all of the items of value that Raphael and Gardo find inside the "special" (18) containing the mysterious and money-laden leather bag?

5. Describe the scene in which Raphael is taken from his home and is forced into the police car.

6. Besides the cash, what item inside the leather bag convinces Rat that Jose Angelico, the purported owner of the bag, is a wealthy man?

7. How does Raphael know that the police do not know that there was a key among the items inside the leather bag for which they are searching?

8. Describe Raphael's house in Behala.

9. Who was Pascal Aguila?

10. When Raphael is finally released from the police station, why does he laugh as he walks home?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss how the use of multiple points of view to tell the story of Trash helps the author get across his intended themes and messages. Include concrete details and examples from the text in order to support your points.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze the boys' decision to put part of the six million dollars into backpacks in order to throw them randomly into the dump for others to find. Why do they make that decision and how do you know? Is their action just? Does it rectify the wrongs visited upon the people by Senator Zapanta? Back up your points with quotes from the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Oftentimes in Western culture, volunteerism is looked at in terms of only helping those in need, but the novel seems to put forth the proposition that service to others can also be a means to the provider's own personal happiness. Find examples within the novel Trash that would prove this conclusion regarding the author's message about service to others and discuss the message's overall effect on the reader.

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