Daily Lessons for Teaching Trash

Andy Mulligan
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Lesson 1 (from Part One)


Students will examine an author's choice to create a completely ambiguous setting in the interest of getting the reader to consider that the problems being addressed in the novel are happening everywhere around the world.

Andy Mulligan is intentionally vague, and even misleading at times, within the narrative of Trash in regards to its setting. In an interview on the author's own website, Andy Mulligan is asked if it had been important to him that the exact location of the story was not revealed. He replied, "Yes. I was anxious that the book was never seen as an attack on one country. Corruption and child-exploitation are vile facts of life that exist (and have existed) in every country in the world. I did not want to localize the book when its issues are international" ("Trash by Andy Mulligan: FAQs). By studying this choice to leave the...

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