Trash Fun Activities

Andy Mulligan
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Connect a Piece of Art

Find a painting or photograph that demonstrates a theme or mood from the novel. Share it with the class and explain the connections you see.

Choose a Song

Perseverance is a major theme Andy Mulligan uses in the novel. Choose a song with the theme of perseverance and play it for the class.

Act Out a Scene

Choose a short scene from the novel, prepare a script, and act out the scene in a small group.

Conduct an Interview

Interview someone who has seen the effects of poverty firsthand. Videotape the interview to be shown to the class.

Conduct a Trust Fall

It takes enormous trust on Raphael's part to tell Rat about finding the leather bag, but he knows he need to do so in order to protect his own family from dire consequences. Choose a partner and take turns falling back...

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