Trash Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Andy Mulligan
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Part One

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Mulligan, Andy. Trash. Ember Books, 2010. Print.

• Part One begins with Raphael as its narrator.

• Raphael is 14 years old and he tells the reader that he is a dumpsite boy, meaning that he sifts through trash in order to make a living off the sale of small valuable objects like paper, plastic, rubber and glass that he finds among the garbage heaps in Behala.

• Behala is a dumpsite located in an intentionally-unnamed Developing country.

• Raphael and other dumpsite boys like him live among huge piles of trash, earning just enough money to survive by combing through the trash all day, looking for any objects of value.

• Sometimes "foreigners" (3) come to Behala in order to visit the Pascal Aguila Mission School.

• Raphael mentions that people often assume that he at least occasionally finds an incredibly...

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