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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What have the bombs been wired to?
(a) The roof
(b) The basements
(c) The exterior doors
(d) The bunker door

2. What does Adams chastise Rapp about in this section?
(a) His lack of feeling for everyone
(b) His attitude towards Anna
(c) His laziness
(d) His singlemindness

3. What does Rap recommend Langley do?
(a) Give Aziz more money
(b) Attack at once
(c) Pull back the two navy SEALS
(d) Drop a bomb on Iraq

4. Where does Aziz broadcast the national address from?
(a) The President's bedroom
(b) The press room
(c) The Situation Room
(d) The Oval Office

5. What does Stansfeld order Mitch to disable?
(a) The alarm system
(b) The terrorist's vehicles
(c) The signal jammer
(d) The bombs

6. Which newspaper knows more about the operation than the FBI?
(a) The New York Post
(b) The New York Times
(c) The Washington Post
(d) The Denver News

7. What is Aziz wearing at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Jeans and t-shirt
(b) Military clothing
(c) A suit
(d) A dressing gown

8. How does Harris want to enter the White House?
(a) Through the windows
(b) Through the basement
(c) Through the door
(d) Through the roof

9. Who does Stansfield want to reinstate?
(a) President Hayes
(b) James Funnel
(c) President Nixon
(d) Frank Carter

10. What is the name of Aziz's second-in-command?
(a) Muttah Bengla
(b) Javier Sehwag
(c) Muammar Bengazi
(d) Saddam Jangeursaur

11. Who has Baxter ordered out of the loop?
(a) Mitch Rapp
(b) President Hayes
(c) The CIA
(d) The FBI

12. What is Aziz monitoring in this section?
(a) The White House perimeter
(b) The Pentagon
(c) Network coverage of his speech
(d) Langley

13. Who do Flood and Stansfield think Baxter's decision endangers?
(a) The whole of the western world
(b) All Americans
(c) Britain
(d) Israel

14. What does the CIA hear Yassin tell Aziz?
(a) The bunker doors will be open in an hour
(b) The President is likely to open the door beforehand
(c) The President and his men have weapons
(d) The President has no air in the bunker

15. What is Yassin drinking?
(a) Tea
(b) Whiskey
(c) Beer
(d) Coffee

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Warch talk to on the phone?

2. What does Aziz do when he hears the two Navy SEALS?

3. What does Rapp need Rielly to sign?

4. What does Rapp do when Yassin takes a break?

5. Who is the only group who knows the fill extent of Rapp's movements?

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