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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aziz select Anna for?
(a) One of the hostages to be released
(b) To talk to the press
(c) Pole dancing
(d) To kill

2. Who do Kennedy and Stansfeld debrief in this section?
(a) Baxter
(b) General Flood
(c) Hayes
(d) Rapp

3. Who knocks Anna unconscious?
(a) Aziz
(b) Mohammed Ali
(c) Abu Hasan
(d) Mohammed Harat

4. What does Mitch think the politicians are trying to protect?
(a) The military
(b) Their children
(c) Their careers
(d) Their money

5. What do Baxter and King brainstorm in this section?
(a) A winning speech
(b) A nationwide address
(c) Ideas to save the hostages
(d) Ideas to get the money

6. Why will Aziz be insulted if he has to deal with Tutwiler?
(a) She cannot speak Arabic
(b) She is inexperienced
(c) She is a woman
(d) She killed Aziz's father

7. Who does Baxter want to run the operation?
(a) The CIA
(b) The Navy SEALS
(c) MI5
(d) The FBI

8. In whose bank account does the U.S. transfer the money Aziz demanded?
(a) Baxter's bank account
(b) Saddam Hussain's bank account
(c) Aziz's bank account
(d) Hayes' bank account

9. What is the name of the Vice President?
(a) Sherman Baxter
(b) Skip McMahon
(c) Dallas King
(d) Paul Hollis

10. What does Mitch remind himself to do to stop himself from daydreaming?
(a) Concentrate
(b) Rearrange the grey matter
(c) Suck it Up
(d) Meditate

11. What kind of weapons does Mitch shoot the guards with?
(a) Pistols
(b) Machine guns
(c) Silenced weapons
(d) Snipers

12. Who waits in the back of Benzagi's truck?
(a) Saddam Hussain
(b) Osama Bin Laden
(c) Terrorists
(d) Tony Blair

13. Who organizes his agents into shifts in the bunker?
(a) Agent Warch
(b) Agent Jackson
(c) Agent McMahon
(d) Agent Dreisler

14. What kind of vehicle does Muammer Bengazi drive?
(a) A car
(b) A truck
(c) A scooter
(d) A motor bike

15. Which of the following information has Hornig extracted from Harut in this section?
(a) When Saddam goes to bed
(b) Names of the terrorists
(c) Harut's role in the operation
(d) The plan of the operation

Short Answer Questions

1. What new character does Mitch meet in this section?

2. What team does Lt. Commander Dan Harris lead?

3. What does Baxter not want to appear as to the voting public?

4. What country is Bandar Abbas in?

5. Where do the Secret Service agent secure the President?

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