Objects & Places from Transfer of Power

Vince Flynn
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This is an extremist terrorist organization/militia based in Iran. Although the organization claims to be Islamic in its influences, in fact, it is as much a fair representative of Islam as the Ku Klux Klan is of Christianity.

Orion Team

A top-secret division of the CIA's antiterrorist unit devoted to the tracking and elimination of terrorists.


The headquarters of the CIA from which Dr. Kennedy and Thomas Stansfield monitor Mitch Rapp's intelligence-gathering mission.

White House Situation Room

A room where the President holds classified intelligence briefings, like that in which he authorizes the kidnapping of Fara Harut.

Bandar Abbas, Iran

This is a Hezbollah stronghold from which Mitch Rapp abducts Fara Harut.


This is a holy war, usually started by a fringe grassroots organization such as Hezbollah. The word translates as struggle.


The Israeli equivalent of the CIA.

Lockerbie Pan Am Flight


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