Daily Lessons for Teaching Transfer of Power

Vince Flynn
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1-4)


The scene shifts to Bandar Abbas, Iran, where CIA operative Mitch Rapp, camouflaged as an Iranian beggar, continues to stalk Fara Harut's safe house. Rapp promises himself that this time he will succeed in capturing Rafique Aziz, a devotee of Harut's and a cold-blooded terrorist.

The aim of this lesson is to examine Mitch Rapp's character.


1) Class discussion. What is Mitch Rapp's character background? Why do the students think he makes such a good CIA agent? Do the students think Mitch lacks complexity? Is there are any point during the story when the students think Mitch is genuinely in trouble? How does Mitch compare to other similar character in espionage novels such as James Bond?

2) Ask the students to write Mitch Rapp's character background.

3) Ask the students to develop a scenario that puts Rapp into trouble and swap their scenario with someone else. The aim...

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