Transfer of Power Fun Activities

Vince Flynn
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Comic Strip

Turn one of the chapters into a comic strip.

500 Words

Condense the story into 500 words.


Using the main characters in the book, write a short story about the mission they could undertake.


Imagine Mitch Rapp is interrogating Aziz and write a dialogue between the two men.


Using information from Flynn's other Mitch Rapp books as well as Transfer of Power, write a main character's background. Include what he/she looks like, his/her likes and dislikes and his/her strengths and weaknesses.


Choose an American government from the past and write 500 words about how it would deal with a similar attack on the White House.

Front Cover

Design a front cover for the book, including a blurb.


Write a review of a book from the perspective of a person living in Iraq.


Write Vince Flynn's biography.

Alternative Ending

Write an...

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