Transfer of Power Character Descriptions

Vince Flynn
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Mitch Rapp/Iron Man

CIA counterterrorism agent and member of the top-secret Orion Team. An elite athlete and mercilessly efficient soldier, he is well-respected by Navy SEALs, depended on by CIA administrators, and feared by terrorists worldwide.

Rafique Aziz

He is a religious fanatic and a brilliant strategist. He is a sociopath whose only conception of right and wrong lies within what will most hurt the United States.

Thomas Stansfield

With decades of espionage experience, his wisdom and foresight are unparalleled in the briefing room.

Fara Harut

A Religious leader of Hamas and a personal spiritual advisor to terrorists.

Dr. Irene Kennedy

She is one of the people behind the Orion Team and head of the CIA's Counterterrorism Center. She is shrewd, professionally astute and manages to maneuver around multiple political minefields.

President Hayes

He is a morally upright man who disapproves of soft money campaign donations. He...

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