Transfer of Power Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Vince Flynn
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Chapter 1-4

• Dr. Irene Kennedy and Thomas Stansfield of the CIA arrive at the White House for an emergency briefing with President Robert Xavier Hayes and top military advisors General Flood and General Campbell.

• After learning Hamas has leaked plans of a terrorist attack funded by Saddam Hussein, President Hayes authorizes the CIA to organize Fara Harut's kidnapping.

• CIA operative Mitch Rapp, camouflaged as an Iranian beggar, stalks Fara Harut's safe house. He meets a group of Navy SEALS and the men move into position to capture Fara Harut.
• Rapp and the Navy SEALS shoots Harut's guards with silenced weapons and move into Harut's inner quarters.

• The group load Harut into a helicopter and escape.

Chapter 5-6

• Dr. Kennedy informs Hayes that the operation was a success.

• Mitch Rapp meets Dr. Jane Hornig, an interrogation specialist. Her job is to extract information from Fara Harut about the planned...

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