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Short Answer Questions

1. What arbitrary though does Spud have during the funeral in Memories of Matty?

2. How has Johnny Swan's appearing changed in this section?

3. Who does Renton imagine on the television discussing HIV?

4. Why is Kelly angry at Allison at the beginning of Feeling Free?

5. Why does Renton not feel bad for ripping off Second Prize at the end of the book?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Sick Boy's escapade in Deid Dugs.

2. What hallucinations does Renton have as he slips in and out of consciousness?

3. How does the drug deal in Station to Station go down?

4. What surprise does Renton have when he wakes up in Gi's flat?

5. In Bad Blood, how does Alan Venters and Davie's relationship develop?

6. How does the morning of There Is a Light That Never Goes Out end?

7. How does Alison and Kelly bond with two lesbians in Feeling Free?

8. What does Renton learn about Sick Boy in the celebration in Courting Disaster?

9. Why does Renton's father warn him in Bang to Rites?

10. What demand does Renton's father make of Renton on his second day in bed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about the other drugs of the novel besides heroin. While heroin is presented as a life choice unto itself, what other stimulants do characters choose? How do Tommy, Begbie, and Billy add spice to their mundane lives? Discuss how Welsh presents these activities and substances, and whether he presents them as more or less dangerous than smack?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about women in Trainspotting. Choose three women and discuss their place in the coterie of junkies and loser who comprise the center of the novel. How do they become attached to the group? Are they repelled by the drug-use or part of it? What do they lose within the group and what do they gain? Are any of them particularly well-defined as individuals?

Essay Topic 3

Being that the world of Trainspotting is one of degradation and drugs, death is a prominent part of the events it portrays. Discuss three characters that die in the novel, and in an essay, analyze the significance of their deaths. How does each character die, and what are the underlying sociological causes? How do others react to this death? Is there anything to be learned from the loss of a life in this world?

Part 1) Baby Dawn

Part 2) Billy

Part 3) Matty

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