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Short Answer Questions

1. in Inner Shitty, why is Begbie leaving town with Renton?

2. In this chapter, Renton says nights like this make him want what?

3. How does Begbie want to do at the beginning of the chapter?

4. Why is getting a cab to Swannie's a difficulty in The Skag Boys?

5. Describe Renton's relationship with Hazel.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Renton discover the morning after having sex with Dianne?

2. Why do the mates decide to go to the Meadows?

3. What do all of the Junk Dilemmas have in common?

4. How does Davie ruin breakfast in Traditional English Breakfast?

5. Describe the activities of the gang in Grieving and Mourning in Port Sunshine.

6. How do Begbie and Renton pass the time on the train in Inner Shitty?

7. What is the cause of the brawl in Her Man?

8. Why is Tommy worried about his girlfriend in Scotland Takes Drugs in Psychic Defense?

9. How do Renton and Sick Boy pick up girls in In Overdrive?

10. Why are the mates made anxious by Begbie's plans for this chapter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In many respects, Trainspotting is less the story of a person or group of people than it is a tapestry of a community. Write an essay about the community of Trainspotting. How is the Leith fellowship in the novel a central character? What literary tactics does Welsh use to sweep through the full community? How do individuals emerge from the rabble and then disappear into it again?

Essay Topic 2

Mark Renton is clearly the protagonist of Trainspotting, in that the reader most frequently shares his emotional life. Write an essay about three of his experiences and how the reader learns a lesson in surrogate:

Part 1) Why does Renton give Tommy his first hit of heroin, and is he aware of the peril involved? Discuss the clear-headedness of this moment and Renton's culpability in what follows. How does the inhumanity of this choice lead to moments of deep empathy later?

Part 2) Discuss Renton's worldview throughout the novel. What does he feel about friendship, and how does this color his attitude toward his mates? What role does heroin play in this worldview? Explore the transition of Renton out of this worldview.

Part 3) Discuss the final passages of the novel. Why does Renton choose to betray his mates in the final moment? What does he gain from it, and what introspection does he offer about the ramifications of the decision?

Essay Topic 3

The characters of Trainspotting are deeply complex. They are capable of horrid actions and desirous of profound love and happiness. Write a three-part essay about three such characters. What hurtful or careless actions does each perpetrate? How does he or she show empathy or love through the novel? Does this person find happiness in the end?

Part 1) Kelly

Part 2) Davie

Part 3) Spud

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