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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of The Glass, Renton reflects that he spent much of his childhood doing what?
(a) Trying to convince his friends that Begbie was alright.
(b) Trying to get away from Begbie.
(c) Repaying Begbie for an unknown favor.
(d) Trying to get Begbie to stop drinking.

2. What does Begbie think about Renton's health in Inner Shitty?
(a) Renton is clean and sober.
(b) Renton is on skag again.
(c) Renton has traded heroin for cocaine.
(d) Renton is going through withdrawal.

3. in Inner Shitty, why is Begbie leaving town with Renton?
(a) He wants to visit Stevie.
(b) He is fleeing a police search.
(c) He is bored with Leith.
(d) He is seeing a Hibs match in Birmingham.

4. In Victory on New Year's Day, who is soon coming to stay at Stevie's flat?
(a) Enton.
(b) Sick Boy.
(c) Nina.
(d) Begbie.

5. Why are Temps and Tommy surprised during the row in Her Man?
(a) The lowlife begins to cry.
(b) The abused woman attacks Tommy.
(c) Ho one breaks it up.
(d) The rest of the pub joins in.

6. Which two characters hit on the girls in this chapter?
(a) Spud and Matty.
(b) Begbie and Sick Boy.
(c) Renton and Matty.
(d) Renton and Sick Boy.

7. What is different about the narrative voice in Growing Up in Public from previous chapters?
(a) It is in present tense.
(b) It is Sick Boy's point-of-view.
(c) It is in the third person.
(d) It is in Spanish.

8. What bad decision does Tommy make at the end of Cock Problems?
(a) He punches Renton.
(b) He shoots heroin.
(c) He goes out with Begbie.
(d) He drunk-dials Lizzy.

9. What happens to Nina that she is unprepared for in Growing Up in Public?
(a) She has a narcoleptic fit.
(b) Her period starts.
(c) She needs to score smack.
(d) She is attracted to her uncle.

10. Why does Davie bundle the bedding in Traditional English Breakfast?
(a) He brought them with him.
(b) He wants to return them to the store.
(c) He has soiled them.
(d) He plans to sell them.

11. In Grieving and Mourning in Port Sunshine, when does the group decide they will talk to Fiona?
(a) Never.
(b) After Granty's funeral.
(c) Immediately.
(d) In a month's time.

12. In It Goes Without Saying, who does Renton figure out is Dawn's father?
(a) Swan.
(b) Stevie.
(c) Himself.
(d) Sick Boy.

13. Whose house is Davie in in Traditional English Breakfast?
(a) His girlfriend's parents'.
(b) His mate's.
(c) His own.
(d) He is in a hotel.

14. Why does Begbie punch June in Inner Shitty?
(a) She insults his mother.
(b) She is drunk.
(c) She is asking him too many questions.
(d) She threatens to phone the police.

15. How does Tommy react to the row at the nearby table in Her Man?
(a) He attacks the man.
(b) He talks the couple down.
(c) He storms out of the bar.
(d) He slaps the woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Renton respond to news of Dawn's death in It Goes Without Saying?

2. What substance does Mike Forrester give Renton instead of smack in The First Day of the Edinburgh Festival?

3. Where is the group in Grieving and Mourning in Port Sunshine when they learn that Granty is dead?

4. What animal does Renton joke about killing in this chapter?

5. Why does Renton have to rummage through his own filth in The First Day of the Edinburgh Festival?

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