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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Relapsing: Traditional English Breakfast, Junk Dilemmas No. 65, Grieving and Mourning in Port Sunshine.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why specifically is Renton miserable in Junk Dilemma No. 65?
(a) He is cold.
(b) Hazel has left him.
(c) He is drug-sick.
(d) He has urinated on himself.

2. Why does Renton not answer the door in Junk Dilemmas No. 64?
(a) He know the moment is a dream.
(b) The door is locked.
(c) He is tied to his bed.
(d) He cannot get up.

3. In Grieving and Mourning in Port Sunshine, when does the group decide they will talk to Fiona?
(a) In a month's time.
(b) Immediately.
(c) After Granty's funeral.
(d) Never.

4. Describe Renton's relationship with Hazel.
(a) She is his NA sponsor.
(b) They occasionally have sex.
(c) They were once engaged.
(d) They are cousins.

5. Who appears to absconded with the pot in Grieving and Mourning in Port Sunshine?
(a) Granty.
(b) Begbie.
(c) Billy.
(d) Jackie.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who throws the glass in The Glass?

2. What does Stevie tell Stella before leaving for Edinburgh in Victory on New Year's Day?

3. Why is Tommy's concert purchase a poor decision in Scotland Takes Drugs in Psychic Defense?

4. Why does Davie bundle the bedding in Traditional English Breakfast?

5. What does Renton hear as he wakes up in It Goes Without Saying?

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