Objects & Places from Trainspotting

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This is a working class neighborhood in the north of Edinburgh.


This is the location of the major skag deal at the end of the novel.


This location is portrayed in the novel as a home of racist, Unionist blowhards.


This is the preferred substance of most characters in the book.

Mother Superior's Flat

This is where the central coterie of the novel go to score drugs.


This is the illness contracted by several characters in the novel.

Opium Suppositories

This substance is given to one character to ease his withdrawal pains.

Hibs and Hearts

These are rival football clubs in Scotland.


This substance is much-derided in the novel as unhelpful in aiding recovery from heroin addiction.

Duffel Bag of Money

One character steals this object form his mates at the end of the novel.

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