Trainspotting Character Descriptions

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Mark Renton

This character flees to Amsterdam at the end of the novel.


This character carries on imagined conversations with Sean Connery.


This character is deeply affected by animals.

Frank Begbie

Friendship with this character is compared in the novel to an addiction.

Davie Mitchell

This character murders the man who infected his lover with HIV.

Tommy Laurence

This character starts doing heroin after his girlfriend leaves him.


This character dies after buying a kitten for his estranged child.


This character is killed by an IRA bomb.


This character has sex with her brother-in-law at her husband's wake.


This character tends bar to pay for her education.

Renton's Parents

These characters cannot forgive their son for his addiction.

Johnny Swan

This character pretends to be a Falklands veteran after losing a leg to a heroin-related infection.

Second Prize

This character regularly starts...

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