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Kicking: The Skag Boys, Junk Dilemma No. 63, The First Day of the Edinburgh Festival

• Sick Boy and Renton go to Swan's to score smack.
• Renton attempts to come off of heroin.

Kicking: In Overdrive, Growing Up in Public, Victory on New Year's Day

• Renton and Sick Boy pick up two English Girls.
• Nina thinks her dead Uncle Boab comes back to life.

• Stevie wins his love at a New Years Hibs-Hearts game.

Kicking: It Goes Without Saying, Junk Dilemmas No. 64, Her Man, Speedy Recruitment

• Baby Dawn - Sick Boy's child - dies of neglect.
• Tommy and Temps get in a brawl with a bickering couple at a pub.

• Spud and Renton throw their job interviews to stay on unemployment.

Relapsing: Scotland Takes Drugs in Psychic Defense, The Glass, A Disappointment, Cock Problems

• Tommy angers his girlfriend by going to an Iggy Pop on her birthday.
• Begbie starts a...

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