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Khushwant Singh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the train at the end of the novel?
(a) It derails.
(b) It moves on the Pakistan.
(c) It stops, and all are killed.
(d) It bursts into flame.

2. What does the Subinspector note to Iqbal and Jugga at the beginning of this section?
(a) They are being put to death.
(b) They are not to go to Mano Majra.
(c) They will find Mano Majra the same.
(d) They will not find Mano Majra the same.

3. What does Chand fear Jugga will do at the beginning of the section?
(a) Flee with Nooran.
(b) Join the gang.
(c) Kill Chand.
(d) Flee with Iqbal.

4. What does Jugga do to Malli?
(a) Shoots him.
(b) Beats his head against the bars.
(c) Stabs him.
(d) Nothing.

5. What does the Subinspector say would have happened had he arrived five minutes later?
(a) The city would have burned to the ground.
(b) The Muslims would have been dead.
(c) The Hindus would have died.
(d) The Sikhs would have been killed.

6. What does Nooran tell Jugga's mother?
(a) She wishes to marry Jugga.
(b) She despises Jugga.
(c) She is dying.
(d) She is pregnant.

7. What does Jugga try to do with the object above the rail line?
(a) Shoot it.
(b) Retie it.
(c) Cut it.
(d) Sit on it.

8. What is the punishment for interfering with those in charge of the Muslim's property?
(a) They will be hanged.
(b) They will be evacuated.
(c) They will be shot.
(d) They will be imprisoned.

9. How many villagers volunteer?
(a) Less than ten.
(b) Over a hundred.
(c) More than fifty.
(d) None.

10. Why can the Muslim convoy not take their belongings?
(a) They are traveling by train.
(b) They are traveling by road.
(c) They are traveling by boat.
(d) They are traveling by plane.

11. Who does Chand ask about, once he understands the situation with the attack?
(a) Imam Baksh.
(b) Jugga and Iqbal
(c) The lambardar.
(d) Meet Singh.

12. What does Chand reveal about Haseena?
(a) She is not on the refugee train.
(b) She has been raped.
(c) She is on the refugee train.
(d) She has died.

13. What does the young boy at the temple suggest the villagers do?
(a) Help attack a Hindu train.
(b) Help attack a Christian train.
(c) Help attack a Sikh train.
(d) Help attack a Muslim train.

14. Why do the Sikhs of the town decide the Muslims must be evacuated?
(a) To save them from Malli and his gang, who may do something.
(b) To save them from the soldiers, who may do something.
(c) To save them from the villagers, who may do something.
(d) To save them from the refugees, who may do something.

15. What does Meet Singh try to explain to police?
(a) That Iqbal is a Hindu.
(b) That Iqbal is a Catholic.
(c) That Iqbal is a Sikh.
(d) That Iqbal is a Muslim.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Meet Singh do for Jugga?

2. Who comes to the village late at night?

3. Who does the Subinspector tell the police to inquire about in the village?

4. What is placed above the railway line?

5. What are the police to do with Malli and his men?

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