Train to Pakistan Short Essay - Answer Key

Khushwant Singh
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1. Describe the atmosphere in India as explained in the first section of the book.

India is in a state of religious upheaval, as the separation of a Hindu India and a Muslim Pakistan divide the country. Violence is rampant as both sides accuse the other of killing and raping at will.

2. Describe the town of Mano Majra at the beginning of the book.

Mano Majra is small, with only three brick buildings and only seventy families. There is an even number of Muslims and Sikhs, but only a single Hindu, the local money lender. The town is based in farming, and is known for its railway station.

3. Describe the morning routine of Mano Majra, in terms of the Muslim mosque and the Sikh temple.

The day begins with the coming of the mail train. The mullah of the mosque begins his prayers, and when he is finished, the priest of the Sikh temple begins his.

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