Objects & Places from Train to Pakistan

Khushwant Singh
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Mano Majra - The fictional partition town and main setting of the book.

Chundunnegger - A local town where the regional police station is located, and where the local budmash and social worker are held in jail.

The Train Station - Mano Majra had one of these, and the activities of this place organized town life. But this place also brought thousands of Muslim corpses to town at two points in the book.

The Sikh Temple - Mano Majra has one of these places, where Iqbal stays when he arrives and where Meet Singh lives.

The Chundunnegger Police Station - The place where the local budmash and social worker are jailed for a time.

Corpse-Filled Trains - These objects full of Muslim corpses come through to Mano Majra twice in the book, symbolizing the incredible violence surrounding Mano Majra.

Religious Violence - The summer of 1947 was...

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