Daily Lessons for Teaching Train to Pakistan

Khushwant Singh
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Objective: In the beginning of Chapter 1, the circumstances surrounding the rest of the novel are explained in terms of the atmosphere of India and Pakistan during the late 1940s. This lesson will discuss these circumstances to gain a better understanding of them.

1. Class discussion: What is the atmosphere of India at the beginning of the novel? Why? What is the state doing to separate the Hindus and the Muslims? What does this mean for those of each faith? Who is responsible for the killings? Why?

2. Pair discussion: Divide the class into pairs. The novel mentions that both sides believe the other started the killing. Why does such a belief cause even greater tension? Does this mean either side is responsible, or are both sides responsible? Why?

3. Group activity: Divide the class into small groups. In Mano Majra, it is explained that the religious separation does not exist...

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