Train to Pakistan Character Descriptions

Khushwant Singh
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Jugga Singh - This character is the local town gangster, responsible for all sorts of wrongdoing, who sees personal behavior as the work of fate, but who, in the end, dies in a sacrifice.

Iqbal Singh - This person is an atheist who was raised Sikh, was educated in England and had returned to India in order to work as a social worker for the People's Party of India. When the civil war comes to the area, however, this person does nothing, and uses alcohol to escape responsibility.

Lala Ram Lal - A Hindu in Mano Majra and the local moneylender, this person is killed by a local band of thugs who then frame another local troublemaker.

Hukum Chand - The regional magistrate and a fat and lecherous person with a guilty conscience, this character is a consequential character in the book. To save the local...

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