Train to Pakistan Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Khushwant Singh
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Chapter 1, Dacoity, Section 1

• The atmosphere of India is explained, and the town of Mano Majra is described.

• The train station of Mano Majra is revealed to be the place the entire town revolves around

• A group of dacoits discusses a local man, Jugga, and they rob and kill the local moneylender, a Hindu.

• The dacoits throw bangles into the yard of Jugga as they escape town, while Jugga spends time with his girlfriend.

Chapter 1, Dacoity, Section 2

• The local magistrate, Hukum Chand, comes to the village.

• The Subinspector discusses the current conflict between the Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus, with Chand.

• The two agree there is much governmental corruption, but that local Muslims should be evacuated quietly to avoid conflict.

• The Subinspector hires a young woman to dance and have relations with Chand, as is custom.

• Chand attempts to make love to the woman, but is stopped by the sounds...

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