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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Peter Muir?

2. What did Robyn hope the people who owned a sheep station outside of Carnarvon would do?

3. What did the camels finally get a hold of by the end of Chapter 11?

4. What had Robyn been looking forward to seeing for many years, in Chapter 7?

5. In Chapter 10, what was usually on the sandhills and about six feet across and four feet high?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was so difficult about the job Glendle had?

2. What did Dookie do that Toly found hysterical in Chapter 11?

3. What was Robyn's reaction when Rick did not show up as expected on the trail, in Chapter 7?

4. When Robyn lost her camels in Chapter 10, how did she try to talk herself into avoiding a panic?

5. What habit did Robyn develop from the first night on the trail in order to check on her camels?

6. What were the nuisances Robyn had to deal with when searching for a good camping spot?

7. What happened in Chapter 12 when Zelly would not get into a truck?

8. On Robyn's first night out on the trail, why was she a little bit nervous?

9. When Robyn heard a car coming toward her encampment in Chapter 8, how did she feel about the unwanted company?

10. Why were sandals the best type of footwear for Robyn to wear in the desert?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

According to Robyn, 160 years of undeclared war had been waged by the government on the Aboriginal people. Explain what this war entailed and its effects on the Aboriginals.

Essay Topic 2

Describe and explain Robyn's views about the media. How did the media affect her personally?

Essay Topic 3

Explore the theme of death in Robyn's story. How did death affect Robyn? In what ways did she defy death? Support your answer with evidence, giving quotes and/or chapters to reference.

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