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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose needs did Kurt believe must come first?
(a) Robyn's.
(b) Gladdy's.
(c) The camels'.
(d) Kurt's.

2. Who was Bubby?
(a) Robyn's boyfriend.
(b) Kurt's bull.
(c) The bartender at the pub.
(d) Kurt's first wife.

3. What was Zelika's nature?
(a) Aggressive.
(b) Quiet and fearful.
(c) Lovely and gentle.
(d) Nasty.

4. What was there in the Alice that sounded just like a camel bell, often fooling Robyn?
(a) The car horns.
(b) A railroad train.
(c) A humming bird.
(d) A wedge-bill bird.

5. What part of Zeleika's body became infected in Chapter 3?
(a) The nose.
(b) The leg.
(c) The ears.
(d) The hump.

6. Where did Robyn arrange to meet up with Jenny and Toly in Chapter 5?
(a) Redbank Gorge.
(b) Docker River.
(c) Alice Springs.
(d) Wallera Ranch.

7. What did Kurt take a strange pleasure in watching Robyn do?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Get bitten by the camels.
(c) Get callusses.
(d) Eat.

8. Who lived in Basso's Farm?
(a) Strangers to everyone.
(b) Kurt's best friends.
(c) Friends that Robyn made.
(d) Desperadoes.

9. How did the local folklore claim to make people fall in love with the Alice?
(a) Stepping into Alice Springs.
(b) Seeing the range for the first time.
(c) Purchasing a boomerang.
(d) Seeing the Todd River flow three times.

10. Who was Julie, introduced in Chapter 4?
(a) Kurt's new girlfriend.
(b) A friend living with Robyn.
(c) A policewoman in town.
(d) A camel trainer.

11. What did Ada do to a boyfriend who was emptying a can of petrol into the dust?
(a) Wrapped him in a blanket.
(b) Threw a bottle tequila at him.
(c) Struck him with an axe.
(d) Ran away.

12. Where did Ada Baxter live?
(a) At the campgrounds.
(b) In Kurt's stable.
(c) At the back of Basso's Farm.
(d) The room at the pub.

13. Nancy was introduced in Chapter 2. Who was she?
(a) Another camel trainer.
(b) Sallay's wife.
(c) Robyn's best friend.
(d) Robyn's sister.

14. Who was Blue?
(a) A pet camel.
(b) Robyn's car.
(c) Gladdy's old dog.
(d) Kurt's youngest camel.

15. What did Robyn write home, as a joke, to indicate what types of animals she was training?
(a) Feral dogs.
(b) Pigeons.
(c) WIld camels.
(d) Giant cockroaches.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Robyn sometimes find it difficult to track her camels?

2. Who drove Robyn out to meet Sallay Mahomet?

3. What became the last straw for Robyn, leading her to leave her job at the pub?

4. Why was the man who sold the camels to Robyn in Chapter 4 so upset, even after the deal was made?

5. How did Kurt refer to the tourists?

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