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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who lived in Basso's Farm?
(a) Friends that Robyn made.
(b) Desperadoes.
(c) Strangers to everyone.
(d) Kurt's best friends.

2. Who did Robyn develop a close friendship with in Chapter 2?
(a) Gladdy.
(b) Kurt.
(c) One of the many camels.
(d) Fulerton.

3. What was the modern-day manifestation of the Australian male?
(a) Mannerly, adventuresome and handsome.
(b) Easygoing, educated and fun.
(c) Charming, sober and effeminate.
(d) Biased, brutal and boring.

4. How did Robyn end up living at Basso's Farm?
(a) She hid in the basement.
(b) She married the owner.
(c) Kurt sent her there.
(d) The previous tenants moved out.

5. What did Kurt insist on helping Robyn get, which turned out to not be worth the effort?
(a) A puppy.
(b) A crane.
(c) A baby camel.
(d) A crow.

6. Which of the camels was responsible for their escape in Chapter 4?
(a) Bub.
(b) Diggity.
(c) Zelly.
(d) Dookie.

7. Why did Robyn find it impossible to get more work in town in order to make money?
(a) The camels took up too much time.
(b) Only men were given jobs.
(c) The economy was slow.
(d) She had cut her foot open on glass.

8. What did Robyn's pet crow, Akhnaton, do that became increasingly annoying to her?
(a) He always ate her food.
(b) He kept her awake all night.
(c) He stole things.
(d) He tried to kill Diggity.

9. What unexpected thing did Sallay discover about Zeleika?
(a) She was about to die.
(b) She had blood poisoning.
(c) She was pregnant.
(d) She was uncontrollable.

10. What was the name of Sallay's wife?
(a) Sandra.
(b) Iris.
(c) Ida.
(d) Gladdy.

11. What was the section of the pub Robyn worked in?
(a) The Pool Room.
(b) The Inner Bar.
(c) The Saloon Bar.
(d) The Lounge Bar.

12. What did a visiting politico accuse Robyn of being?
(a) A communist.
(b) A bourgeois individualist.
(c) A conservative party member.
(d) Too liberal.

13. What type of land surrounds Alice?
(a) Desert.
(b) Farmland.
(c) Swamp.
(d) Jungle.

14. Who provided Robyn with a tent to live in so she could have more privacy?
(a) Her sister.
(b) Kurt.
(c) The tenants of Basso's Farm.
(d) Gladdy.

15. What happened to destroy Robyn's tent, forcing her back into Kurt's home?
(a) Strong lightning.
(b) A hurricane.
(c) A blizzard.
(d) A hailstorm.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do camels' feces resemble?

2. When Robyn and the photographer, Rick, went their separate ways in Chapter 5, where did they arrange to meet again on Robyn's trail?

3. What crime had someone been committing in Alice for the past twenty years, without detection?

4. Whose needs did Kurt believe must come first?

5. What is a camel's kicking radius?

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