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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much did Robyn eat in the mornings while on the trail in Chapter 6?
(a) Much more than the camels.
(b) Not very much.
(c) Enough to last through to dinner.
(d) At least four courses.

2. What was the modern-day manifestation of the Australian male?
(a) Mannerly, adventuresome and handsome.
(b) Easygoing, educated and fun.
(c) Biased, brutal and boring.
(d) Charming, sober and effeminate.

3. What did Kurt take a strange pleasure in watching Robyn do?
(a) Eat.
(b) Sleep.
(c) Get bitten by the camels.
(d) Get callusses.

4. Why did Robyn find it impossible to get more work in town in order to make money?
(a) The camels took up too much time.
(b) Only men were given jobs.
(c) She had cut her foot open on glass.
(d) The economy was slow.

5. Why was the man who sold the camels to Robyn in Chapter 4 so upset, even after the deal was made?
(a) The man had not learned enough from Robyn.
(b) He missed the camel, Dookie, too much.
(c) He realized he undersold them.
(d) The camels continued to stray onto his land.

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of Zeleika's body became infected in Chapter 3?

2. What happened to destroy Robyn's tent, forcing her back into Kurt's home?

3. Who was Bubby?

4. What became the last straw for Robyn, leading her to leave her job at the pub?

5. What was Robyn's most memorable feeling of her first day alone, after Rick left in Chapter 6?

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