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Queensland, Australia

The author is from this place, and to her the city represents comfort, safety, and civilized culture.

Alice Springs, or The Alice

This place is the last actual town at the edge of the huge Australian desert and the author goes there to prepare for her trip. The town is characterized by racism, sexism, and alcoholism.

Ayers Rock

Robyn meets Rick at this place, having finished the first leg of her journey. She finds the beauty of the place to be breathtaking.

Glen Helen

The author starts her trip from this place, which is near Alice Springs.


This is the author's dog, which also goes on the trip. This dog eventually eats poisoned meat and dies.

Robyn's Camels

The author manages to get four of these, each one having a distinct personality.

The Gunbarrel Highway

This is only traversed about four times a year.


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